Why didn't chess player get punished for making trouble in the kitchen?

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didn chess player punished making

Chess , She is the big servant girl around Yingchun , Because sister-in-law Liu doesn't want to steam a bowl of egg soup for her , She led the crowd into the kitchen . Will be able to throw 、 It can be smashed , It's all smashed up .

The small kitchen in the Grand View Garden , It was Jia Mu 、 Mrs. Wang and Sister Feng , For the convenience of Jia's sisters , And specially set . thus it can be seen , The little kitchen is small , But it is in the hearts of the masters of the Jia family , But it has attracted much attention .

Also is so , Chess player makes a scene in the kitchen , The impact is not bad ; At least , Compared with the loss of rose dew in Mrs. Wang's room ; Compared with the lotus root official burning paper in the Grand View Garden , It's much more serious .

Whether it's lotus root official burning paper , Or the theft of Mrs. Wang's room , There is an account in the original text . Instead, chess players make a scene in the kitchen , Like it never happened .

that , What is the reason , It led to the end of the matter ?

Maybe , To understand the problem , We must understand these three points .

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