Telika watercress 5.7 points. Can telika compete with digabi? Why is there no comparability at all

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telika watercress points. points telika

Telica bean curd 5.7 branch , Can terega and digabi ? Why is there no comparability at all

The new work of Round Valley 《 Treja Altman 》 The score of Douban continues to decline , Now it is 5.7 Score points . In terms of the scoring mechanism of Douban , This time, treja didn't even reach the pass line , Last year 《 Zeta Altman 》 Of 9.2 Compared with the results of , Look at the elders of treja 《 Dega Altman 》 In Douban 9.4 After a score of , Let this film born in memory of diga really fell to the bottom , Therefore, some people have also made a comparison between treja and diga , To highlight the excellence of Dega , But why is there no comparability between the two ? What is the root cause ? Just look down and see .

Different heavyweights , How can we play together ?

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