Heartbeat source plan: Zhou Xiaoshan resigned and gave up his task for love. Waiting for him will be punishment

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heartbeat source plan zhou xiaoshan

A TV play starring Luo Yunxi and song Qian 《 Heartbeat source plan 》 It's on the air . Because of Uncle Cha's threat , Zhou Xiaoshan and Qiu Jianing were forced to break up , Unknown colleagues want them to get back together , As a result, they went farther and farther .

Qiu Jianing takes care of Zhou Xiaoshan in exchange for sadness

Zhou Xiaoshan and Qiu Jianing broke up for no reason , Colleagues are very strange , There is no sign at all . For this , Zhu Zhu is gloating , Play her gossip specialty , Talking about Qiu Jianing's gossip , Xie Xiaoxiao's anger and Zhou Xiaoshan's warning . Xie Xiaoxiao was targeted at Qiu Jianing in the early stage , Moved by her personality charm , It's completely washed white . Therefore, they also plan to borrow Zhang Yu and Li chunran to treat them to dinner , Take the opportunity to intoxicate Zhou Xiaoshan and let Qiu Jianing take care of , Give them time alone , I hope they can get back together .

In fact, after Zhou Xiaoshan and Qiu Jianing broke up , All the time , They still like each other , Even Qin bin can see , In particular, Zhou Xiaoshan set off a fireworks for Qiu Jianing on her birthday . Here's a question , It's not a new year's Day , Nobody cares about fireworks in big cities ? Because of Uncle cha , Zhou Xiaoshan's provoking Qiu Jianing brought her danger , He must be completely disconnected from her . Drunk, he said what he really thought , Qiu Jianing was once moved , But soon , Zhou Xiaoshan shouted the name of Xianglan . Zhou Xiaoshan did it on purpose , Just want Qiu Jianing to give up on him . Sad for a while , It's better to be sad for a lifetime .

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