Dou Jingtong has changed his sex. He has a deep V and long hair, which is very feminine

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dou jingtong changed sex. sex

24 Female singer Dou Jingtong is the daughter of actress Faye Wong and Dou Wei , Dress neutral 、 avant-garde , The style is unique , But she has rarely had long hair recently 、 A picture of wearing a skirt , Praised by netizens :WOW Baby, it's beautiful !

Dou Jingtong 8 month 6 Share your latest photos on Weibo , In the picture , She changed her very short hair , With long black hair , There is also a lovely short Liuhai in front , Balance out the cool image before , One of the pictures , Dou Jingtong breaks through himself , Wearing a flowing flower skirt , Wear a small red hat and oval Sunglasses , new Look Let netizens' eyes shine , The message smiled and said : Like a wig, ha ha 、 Darling, you are so beautiful 、 Husband, you suddenly changed your wife .

More Than This , Dou Jingtong also has long hair when shooting promotional films for fashion brands 、 Wear big and deep V vest , Show sexuality that has hardly been revealed before , Let netizens break their glasses , Shout excitedly : Baby, it's hot 、 It's so beautiful and cool .

in fact , Dou Jingtong's avant-garde dress has always been examined by the outside world with a magnifying glass , Once she shot a famous chocolate advertisement , The hairstyle is extremely asymmetric , The extremely short Liuhai is uneven , The hair is thinned out a lot , But there are several pinch lengths and shoulders , Many netizens are so stupid , I can't help but make complaints about it “ Death Liuhai ”, The modeling age is not consistent with ,“ It's so ugly, my God ”.

however , Faye Wong gives her daughter a lot of freedom , Only to Dou Jingtong : You can't be good , But you can't learn bad .

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