Among the five top beauties in the world, China ranks only two, and Fan Bingbing is not qualified. Who are they?!

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Audrey Hepburn

For more than half a century , She was once known as a professional pioneer , And the charity Ambassador . Not only won two Academy Awards , Even by fashion magazines 《ELLE》 Will be selected as “ The most beautiful woman ever ” The first name . Almost influenced and changed human aesthetics and fashion . She is regarded as the embodiment of nature and beauty . Her temperament is gentle , A smile exudes a unique charm . Except for beauty , Hepburn is low-key and friendly , Dedication to work is also unforgettable .

Audrey Hepburn's beauty and elegance left a deep impression on the world , People did not hesitate to give her all the beautiful compliments . Audrey Hepburn is so beautiful , Have been “ Fashion Bible ” Fashion magazine 《VOGUE》 named “ World fashion celebrities ” The first 1 name , Even by fashion magazines 《ELLE》 Selected as “ The most beautiful woman ever ”.

Also CCTV “20 The most perfect actress of the century ” One of . The reason Hepburn can still be widely spread after her death , The most important reason is only one sentence : Starting from appearance value , Fall into acting , Be true to character . This should be a name that will appear on all beauty lists . Her elegance and nobility are reflected incisively and vividly . Her vitality makes it impossible not to like her . Almost every work she plays is a classic .

meanwhile , And many beautiful actresses . Few people have such elegant temperament as Audrey Hepburn. Her beauty emanates from her bones , Even if her appearance gets older , Her style remains the same . Intellectuality 、 An elegant and kind woman , Even in 《 Breakfast for Tiffany 》 As a vain socialite , Ring your fingers and whistle . But at the sight of her beautiful eyes ,, You think she is the most elegant and lovely Celebrity . besides , I've heard a lot about her , I've also seen some words 、 The movie 、 Charity, etc . She is a delicate woman . Although her life is short , Experienced wars and failed marriages , But she lives a wonderful life .

Emma Watson

Whenever Emma Watson is mentioned , Everyone will think of her at the first time 《 Harry Potter 》 Excellent performance in . Emma's Hermione can be said to be cute and witty , She will be deeply attracted to her many times . Through this movie , Everyone's impression of her stays in the lovely image of Hermione , Later, Emma Watson took the shot again 《 Beauty and beast 》 !,

In the following 10 In the year , Where's Emma 2000 year ,10 Year old Emma Watson was filmed 《 Harry Potter 》 Choose to play Hermione Granger ., Shot one after another 8 A Harry Potter movie .2007 year , Emma announced her role in the film 《 Romantic mouse de Perot 》 And TV movies 《 Ballet shoes 》.2011 year , Emma Watson won the first 13 The youth Choice Award for best actress in science fiction film and best actress in summer film .

Emma Watson grew from a beautiful woman to a beautiful woman , Or grow into a more amazing person . It is said that the prince of England once pursued her , But Emma Watson did not despise the status of the princess , Because she is her own queen .

The beauty of Ishihara

Among Japanese female stars, the most popular and highly recognized female star must be Mizuhiro Ishihara , Rimi Ishihara is not only the favorite beauty of many Japanese netizens , There are many girls in China who want to look like her . Ishihara rimei is an appearance with its own personal style . Delicate facial features , The skin is full and shiny , The smile is fresh and healing , It looks more and more beautiful .

From Ishihara , Japan , Start , Everyone should be familiar with her reputation . She is not only in Japan , And it has a high popularity in China , Ishihara rimei can be called Japan , The national goddess , Her beauty is what every Japanese girl wants to have , It shows how popular she is . After Shimei Ishihara's debut, she obtained “ The perfect girl ” The first name , Regarded by the Japanese media as “ The most explosive potential Nova ”.


han , I can't find anything lower than Han Xue in the entertainment circle

The actress of the tune , Not only is she beautiful , And unique temperament , Elegant and charming . In everyone's eyes , She has a clear separation between work and life , And it's not vague at all , Work is to work hard , make all-out efforts . And life should be very comfortable , Have your own space . So you can see her on the screen , It's brilliant , be in good out of a bandbox . But she in life , It's really so undisturbed , Quietly and completely have their own space . Han Xue has a high appearance value , The acting is also very good , She never used her backstage when she entered the entertainment industry , She works very hard , Be friendly and low-key , Everyone knows her not because she has a strong backstage , But because of her own efforts, she has achieved what she is today , She has always been a well-known actress .

Brigitte Lin

Everyone should be no stranger to her , all the time , Lin Qingxia's looks are very in line with our Oriental Aesthetics , Lin Qingxia also brought us many classic works when she was young , One of the most unforgettable should also be “ invincible eastern ” This role is , Although the role of Oriental invincibility is a villain , But the audience still likes , Maybe this is the charm of Lin Qingxia , Although now Lin Qingxia has 66 了 , But it's still very beautiful .

Lin Qingxia's beauty is also recognized , Known as the first beauty in Southeast Asia , And her facial features and temperament are unique , Both men's and women's clothes are controlled to the extreme , No one can forget that year 《 Smiling and proud in the Jianghu 》 She dressed in red . Lin Qingxia is one of the legendary actors in the Chinese film world , Many of her film works have become classics in the film industry of Hong Kong and Taiwan , Such as 《 New Shushan swordsman 》、《 The East is invincible 》 etc. .

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