In 2003, Stephen Chow prepared to shoot Kung Fu and called Wu Mengda: DAGO, I want to invite you to play a movie. Are you free?

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stephen chow prepared shoot kung

2003 year , Stephen Chow 《 Kung fu 》 when , Call Wu Mengda : DAGO , I'd like to invite you to a movie , Are you free ?

Wu Mengda is very happy : Good good , I will come ! I didn't expect a SARS , Not only was the play not made , They broke up !

Let's say the golden partner in the film and television industry , Stephen Chow and Wu Mengda definitely ranked first , Once they were weighing thallium , Thallium balance !

stay 《 Gambler 》、《 God of food 》、《 The king of comedy 》、《 All change star 》 as well as 《 Shaolin Soccer 》 There are their meaningless laughter performances in the , It left a deep impression on the audience .

The cooperation between Wu Mengda and Stephen Chow , according to an uncompleted statistic , In Stephen Chow's 50 In many movies , Wu Mengda's name appeared 20 Time , It can be seen how much two people cooperate .

Wu Mengda and Stephen Chow are both poor boys , The Wu Mengda family came to Hong Kong along the tide of economic immigration , Stephen Chow was born in a famous slum in Kowloon .

1962 year 6 month 22 Japan , Stephen Chow was born in Hong Kong , His father is from Ningbo, Zhejiang , Mother Ling Baoer is from Bao'an County, Guangdong Province .

7 At the age of , Parents who quarrel all day are officially divorced . Mother took Stephen Chow and sister Zhou Wenji 、 Sister Zhou xingxia struggled to survive .

Because I adored Bruce Lee from childhood , Stephen Chow dreamed of growing up to be an actor like Bruce Lee , His brain hole is wide open. He practices iron sand palm at home every day , Put a pot of mung beans , Then keep putting your hands in , Finally, mung beans can be fried by him !

Stephen Chow is very clever , Practice only your right hand at a time , For fear of any accident , There's another hand to keep . Later, his mother found that his right hand was rough and fleshy , Give him a bad scolding .

Wu Mengda wanted to be an actor because he liked opera performance since childhood . signing TVB after , ran 3 In, he came to prominence .

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