Wu Qilong and Liu Shishi are so affectionate that they look tired of wearing lovers' clothes, but they are really right

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wu qilong liu shishi affectionate

Hello everyone , I'm Xiaowei, a fashion blogger, talking about clothes , I hope it will help you after reading my article !

Many couples with good feelings travel , Often choose to wear lovers' clothes , To show you the feelings between husband and wife , This is also a little fun to promote happiness . Whether it's a couple or a couple , If you have good feelings , You can try couple clothes . Many people think that lovers' clothing is a style of clothing , But it's not , The same type of clothes can also be regarded as lovers' clothes , The category of lovers' clothes is still relatively wide . So for the clothing matching between husband and wife , How to choose ? You might as well continue to watch .

There are many stars in the entertainment circle. The relationship between husband and wife is very good , For example, Wu Qilong and Liu Shishi have always been admired for their good feelings . Wu Qilong and Liu Shishi are quite different in age , But it didn't affect the relationship between the two people . Don't look at the difference between Wu Qilong and Liu Shishi 17 year , But the feelings are really good , You have to wear lovers' clothes when you go out , So Wu Qilong and Liu Shishi are very loving , It's boring to wear lovers' clothes , But it's quite right . Analysis on the dressing of husband and wife the choice of women's overall dressing elements :T T-shirts and bottoms : Short skirt color selection : Blue + White element selection : Analysis of stripe wearing elements ▽ Casual T T-shirt in daily life ,T T-shirts are the most common clothing items , It has a lot of styles and collocations , Can give people a very casual feeling . utilize T T-shirt to match , Relatively speaking, it is also very versatile , No matter what style it is T T-shirt , Can find the right match .

▽ Sweet denim skirt, if you choose the top T In a word , Then you might as well match yourself with a denim skirt , Denim skirt can improve women's sweet temperament , It can also give people a full sense of fashion . For the version of denim skirt, it is recommended to choose straight tube version or A Typography , These two versions can well modify women's leg shape , No matter what leg shape women can wear .▽ Refreshing blue and white collocation, in terms of color , In hot summer, you need to match yourself with refreshing colors , It can give people a cool feeling visually , It won't look muggy . Then the combination of blue and white can easily create a refreshing feeling . Especially the combination of light blue and white , Fresh without losing the sense of freshness , There is also a certain age reduction effect .

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