Being scolded for acting crazy?

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scolded acting crazy

You can't imagine coming back , How hard bad artists work ……

Fan Bingbing before ,

To come back , Through all kinds of fashion photos ,

Made a lot of blockbusters ,

Brush the sense of being ,

Or directly transform into an entrepreneur ?

Anyway, on the whole ,

After being blocked, there was no big news ,

The only thing that's a little out of line ,

Maybe she liked it and asked for the announcement of tax supplement 117 A list of 100 million people .

But compared with the artists who are trying to make a comeback now ,

Fan Bingbing , It's actually very popular ?

Tell me about this ……

I think everyone should be familiar with her routine .

Recently, in order to make a comeback , There's really nothing to do ……

Earlier, when the Wu Yifan incident just broke out ,

Shuangzi began to cry for Dou E's injustice ,

Ask for a truth ?

And how miserable they are in the United States ……

this ……

Don't even come back , Talk about innocence ?

Of course , Shuangzi was scolded by netizens for these behaviors ,

After all, people really don't want to see her as a demon ……

But the unexpected , After a few days , She came again ?

This time , The Ali incident was very big ,

Li ruotong stood up and spoke ,

I don't know if Zheng Shuang saw his aunt's voice ,

So I hurried out to make a voice ?

But her reply ……

It's too inexplicable ?

Obviously, it's just an Alibaba enterprise ,

But Shuangzi wants to sink the Dharma together ?

Say this thing is not shared by Ali , It is common in the whole society ,

At the same time, it means , I have never experienced professional harassment ,

however , I just saw a lot of harassment !

therefore , I want to speak for the vulnerable groups ?

Confused ……

First of all, there is a problem with her remark ,

Originally, everyone's focus was on Ali ,

At this time, Zheng Shuang came up with such a set of words ,

Don't you want to muddy the water ?

And she wants to speak for the vulnerable ……

Is it reliable? ?

It seems that their previous surrogacy is not oppressing vulnerable groups ……

therefore , Shuangzi has been scolded ,

Accused of rubbing the heat ?

What's more funny , Shuangzi responded in the follow-up ,

He said he would continue to speak in the future ,

I won't hinder myself because of black powder “ channel ”……

this ?

Between the lines , In the future, everyone can see that she will continue to speak ?

Is this the way to come back ?

People Fan Bingbing in order to make a comeback , At least take fashion photos ,

I've worked hard .

Zheng Shuang ?

Move your lips , Tap the keyboard ,

You can rub all kinds of heat ?

Confuse ……

Others have found that , She made this speech , It's a little strange. ?

There is a sour word ……

Does it taste very strong ?

Because before, fan Weiqi satirized the people who scolded her ,

It's used “ Sour people “……

Of course , It's not impossible to use this word ,

But this word ,

Just like the Internet and the Internet ,

Belong to ww Special words ,( We're not used to saying that )

Who uses , You can probably see what the background is ?

therefore , Some people question , Shuangzi's article is a ghostwriter ,

It's also , Usually I can't read the text ,

And this time ?

Still inexplicably unobstructed ……

And there's an obvious sense of rhythm ?

I don't blame netizens for scolding ……

Mainly , It's really annoying to rub the heat so repeatedly ,

And it seems that Shuangzi also knows that his speech can attract attention ……

So the speech is more unscrupulous .

But Zheng Shuang's ambition goes far beyond ……

5 A.m. , Another microblog ,

But I guess no one understands ……

What are you doing ?

Look at the comments ,

Fans actually know what they're talking about ?

Also said to believe in the law ……

It's crazy ……

besides , Fans also curse ,

Frankly speaking , So capricious ,

No wonder people think she's pretending to be crazy ?

I can understand why Wu Yifan's account has been closed ,

Because it can stop fans from going “ Go to the grave ”……

Like Zheng Shuang , Fans are still there ,

Now the Internet is so developed ,

Zheng Shuang can also become a commentator by speaking and the support of fans .

But she was not confused yesterday ,

Luo Zhixiang also came out to speak ,

He said he wanted to return to his original position ?

Tut tut tut ……

It seems that the entertainment industry 208 Wan temptation is really big ……

Everyone wants to come back , Continue to make money .

Ah , The Olympic Games have just ended ,

These people began to jump �Q 了 .

Cross it ……

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