Wang Zuxian posted the Olympic medal list, and a patriotic act was praised by netizens

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wang zuxian posted olympic medal

, 54 Wang Zuxian has not appeared in public for a long time , But fortunately, she often shares her news on social platforms , It's also a disguised interaction with fans .

recently , Wang Zuxian took a photo , It's about the Olympic medal list , Her warm-hearted move not only showed her position, but also won the praise of netizens .


2021 The summer of 2008 became even hotter because of the Olympic Games , On the field, the Olympic athletes fought bravely , And off the court, all kinds of stars are doing their best to help play call.

Wang Zuxian is no exception , She also kept an eye on the trend of the competition during the Olympic Games , He often sends messages to congratulate the athletes on their good results .

And at this Olympic Games , Many athletes hit Wang Zuxian in the face .

Wang Luyao, who had a shooting team before, was accused of “ Shooting team Wang Zuxian ”, Later, Xiao jiaruixuan, who looks similar to Wang Zuxian, won a precious bronze medal , It can be said that even if Wang Zuxian did not win glory for the country on the playground , She is still one of the busiest artists outside the Olympic Games .

The recent Olympic Games are finally over , The athletes of the Chinese delegation have gained a lot , Various stars have also forwarded relevant content to express their position .

Wang Zuxian rushed to the front line , Recently, she posted the Olympic medal list on her social account ,

But the medal list published by Mr. Wang Zu is different from the official medal list of the International Olympic Games , Wang Zuxian's medal list counts all the medals won by Hong Kong and Chinese Taipei .

From the perspective of attribution , There is nothing wrong with the arrangement of Wang Zuxian's medal list , In this way, we are the first place in the medal list .

And as a Hong Kong and Taiwan artist , Wang Zuxian can be so firm on issues involving positions , This also moved the fans .

In fact, it is not the first time that Wang Zuxian has expressed his position on the issue of position , Before she quit the entertainment industry, she had repeatedly expressed her attitude in public , This is one of the reasons why many mainland fans like her so much .

After Wang Zuxian released the medal list , Netizens have said that other Hong Kong and Taiwan artists should learn from Wang Zuxian , Never be vague when it comes to related issues .

More netizens take small S And Jolin Tsai and other controversial stars because of their position to compare with Wang Zuxian , It's also a high judgment .

In the eyes of netizens , Chasing stars is just a pastime , If you lose the bottom line because of star chasing , So it's okay if such a star doesn't chase .

Of course , Just before Wang Zuxian published the Olympic medal list , Small S I have sent a document to clarify that I am not a problem with my position , But because what she said was a little vague , So netizens don't buy it .


In fact, Wang Zuxian is not the first veteran star to be praised for his position , Many goddesses, including Lin Qingxia, take the initiative to make statements when related issues are involved .

However, Wang Zuxian has attracted much attention , Mainly because she is more mysterious than other peers .

Most of the actresses who made their debut in the same period as Wang Zuxian are still active in the entertainment circle , Even some people's exposure gradually decreases , But they still attend some activities occasionally .

Wang Zuxian is different , Wang Zuxian hardly ever appears in public , Let alone participate in activities in the entertainment industry .

Wang Zuxian's flowering period can be said to be among the big flowers “ The shortest ” The one of , She chose to retire at her best age , This matter once became a regret in the hearts of fans .

Even when Wang Zuxian first became popular, he was criticized for his acting skills , But after Wang Zuxian faded out of the entertainment industry for more than 20 years , Still no one can replace her , And no one can surpass her achievements .

Time seems to prove everything , But Wang Zuxian will not return .

Wang Zuxian, who has returned to plain life, is very low-key , She began to devote herself to enjoying life and often traveled all over the world .

From the photos of Wang Zuxian , Her current life is very comfortable , The whole person's state is also quite good .

Some netizens focused on Wang Zuxian's thick hair , Many people say that they are over years old 50 Wang Zuxian has more hair than young people .

Of course , What we are most concerned about is the change of Wang Zuxian's appearance , After all, when he was young, Wang Zuxian was always famous for his appearance .

It's just that years have not had a great impact on Wang Zuxian's hair , There are still some changes in her appearance .

Both the slightly profound legal lines and the lines at the corners of the mouth are proving to everyone , The goddess will grow old .

Fortunately, Wang Zuxian's temperament remains unchanged , She still has a strong enough aura , It's hard to see .

But fans still hope that Wang Zuxian can be like Lin Qingxia and others , Occasionally, he also plays guest roles in some film and television works , This not only meets everyone's wish to see Wang Zuxian out of the mountain , Nor waste Wang Zuxian's talent .

However, Wang Zuxian himself never responded to whether he would return to work , We should still respect the wishes of the actors .

Do you like Wang Zuxian ?

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