"Song with the emperor" is hot enough to reach the top but make complaints about it.

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song emperor hot reach make

8 month 8 Japan , Cheng Yi 、 Zhang to the sunrise 、 Han Dong 、 A TV play starring Xuan Lu and other actors 《 Song with Jun 》 premiere .

Because the male and female protagonists Cheng Yi and Zhang Yuxi starred last year 《 Glass 》 It has a high reputation , therefore 《 Song with Jun 》 The heat is very high after the broadcast , Through the query of a professional data platform ,《 Song with Jun 》 The whole network was more popular than Yang Yang on the day of broadcasting 、 Delireba's 《 You are my glory 》 rank first , As of publication ,8 month 9 The heat of the day still ranks first , Judging from the current data, there is a trend of explosion .

But contrary to heat ,《 Song with Jun 》 The performance of Douban score is very not optimistic . As of publication , Douban's short comments exceed 3300 strip , There are four of the five hot reviews on the home page 1 Stars and one 2 star , There are two Tucao men make complaints about the emperors' temperament , Think the makeup is bad , The face is too white .

And the audience questioned the overall tone of the TV series , Think it's not pleasant , And dislike the same dubbing .

From the overall review , In one star 、 The two-star bad comments are interspersed with sporadic five-star praise , Many starring fans tried to regain their reputation , There are still a lot of bad comments in the latest comments , And judging from the comments, it's not embarrassing , For example, a two-star audience wrote :“ It's a mediocre play , All aspects are a little bad , But not so bad , Higher than two stars , Samsung doesn't deserve it .”

In fact, Cheng Yi plays the man , Mainly to capture the female audience , But I did not expect women to play a star and make complaints about the male character. , I think the casting should fit the character , Otherwise it's easy to play , This man has no imperial aura , How's the heroine , Not really .

Watched a few episodes , It will make complaints about the audience. ,《 Song with Jun 》 It is difficult to satisfy the audience in several aspects .

The first is the tone of the TV play , It's really boring 、 Lack of happiness .《 Song with Jun 》 It's not a historical drama , It belongs to the category of ancient costume idol drama , Audiences of this kind of subjects have been used to the relaxed tone and the relationship between the main characters , but 《 Song with Jun 》 Not at all .

To be fair , The play has a good rhythm , The first episode begins with a few minutes to explain the cause of the story , The characters behind are advancing very fast , The relationship between the characters is also relatively clear .

Good in terms of service and chemistry , The scenes and props are in place , After all, this is a strong point in the field of domestic TV dramas , There are professional film and television cities and clothes that are good at ancient costume themes 、 Props talent , So the overall texture is pretty good . But just like the netizens make complaints about it. , The overall tone of the TV series is a little low , It should be to take care of the political struggle and suspense elements of the previous dynasty ! This directly led to the influx of a large number of bad comments after the launch , I believe that with the gradual broadcasting of TV dramas , After the audience adapts to the atmosphere of the play, the reputation will reverse .

The second is human design , It's really hard to accept . Normally , Li Yan, played by Cheng Yi, is a young talent , Cheng Ruoyu, played by Zhang Yuxi, is an ignorant girl who is new to the Jianghu , Let the audience accept the character setting , Growth and experience are essential . But the TV series moved too fast , Not long after the opening of the first episode, Li Yan ascended the throne and became a young emperor , Lack the aura and manners that the emperor should have , No wonder the audience will make complaints about it. , Although Cheng Yi tries to control his expression , Make yourself look serious 、 Be serious , But it's still not convincing , It's hard to convince the audience that such a person will become the son of heaven .

Cheng Ruoyu, played by Zhang Yuxi, is even more unconvincing , The sword bearer of the purple bureau should have qualifications 、 Powerful people take over , After all, Ziyi bureau is a tool used by Li Yan to eradicate Qiu's forces , Cheng Ruoyu and Li Yanchu parted unhappily when they met , And Li Yan also doubts Cheng Ruoyu's identity , Why do you let the other party hold the sword so carelessly ? The screenwriter and director to achieve this pair CP, Don't give two people time to grow up , Such a character setting is too sloppy .

The third problem is that the action drama is not satisfactory , It also exposed the short board of young actors without action skills . The action plays in the play are very soft , The hanging Weiya trace is obvious , Dancing with a sword is too much like dancing , There is no hint of a hard bridge or a hard horse , Compared with the hot film 《 Anger ・ Serious case 》, And Donnie Yen in the movie MMA comparison ,《 Song with Jun 》 My action play is really disappointing .

Like some of the audience make complaints about it. ,《 Song with Jun 》 In the final analysis, it is still an ancient costume idol drama with male and female protagonists talking about love , People feel that the shooting threshold of this kind of subject matter is too low , Both male and female stars lack some heat in their manners and acting skills , What do you think? ?

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