Sun Honglei, please stop "selling cute"

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sun honglei stop selling cute

Eighteen years ago , A TV play with unique painting style was broadcast on TV .

The children who watched the play , Some have nightmares at night , Some were so excited that they went out to find someone to fight .

In front of the hero of the play ,“ Young and dangerous ” Chen Haonan and “ The chief helmsman of heaven and Earth Society ” Chen Jinnan and the other two together , It's not enough for him to beat with a spoon .

It is a domestic police and bandit drama 《 conquer 》, The hero is later “ Yan Wang ” Sun hong2 lei2 .


Squat down and sing 《 conquer 》

No all star , Not big production , The picture is rough 《 conquer 》 But it led the trend of the generation at the beginning of the century .

The key reason is , Sun Honglei played the role of the bandit leader Liu Huaqiang .

Small cuntou, small eyes , A long, unsmiling face , It's easy not to show evil , A fierce attack will kill people ―― Many years later, netizens talked about “ People don't talk too much ”, It describes people like Liu Huaqiang .

At the time , The friends joked with each other , One of the most common obstacles is “ Squat down and sing 《 conquer 》”.( That English song of the same name )

What people don't know is , Sun Honglei and 《 conquer 》 Between , There was no necessary connection .

As the son of a teacher and worker , Once sun Honglei changed from appearance to talent , It's not like being an actor .

I didn't expect to be 1987 year ,17 Sun Honglei, 20, with his adolescent enthusiasm , Won many Break Dance Awards .

after , He went to the Northeast night show as a dancer . This experience , Virtually laid the foundation for his future role as Liu Huaqiang .

Ten years later , Sun Honglei, who dreams of becoming an actor , Depressed because there was no play to shoot .

An accidental cooperation , Let him break into the life of the famous actress Ding Jiali .

Ding Jiali has been famous for a long time , There are many contacts in the circle . It is said that sun Honglei ignored 11 The difference in age is , Take the initiative to approach , Gain the unconditional trust of the other party .

after , Sun Honglei began to take over the play , He has starred in the film directed by Zhang Yimou 《 My father and mother 》、 Directed by Zhao Baogang 《 Never close your eyes 》 and 《 OT Surun Pyyhit Silmistani 》、 Starring Gong Li 《 Zhou Yu's train 》.

I'm shooting 《 Zhou Yu's train 》 when , Gong Li and sun Honglei have an affair .

Soon after , Sun Honglei and Ding Jiali cut off contact , Gradually into the public view .

2002 Director Gao Qunshu prepared to shoot 《 conquer 》, The actor of male No. 1 Liu Huaqiang is uncertain .

Zhang Hanyu was rejected one after another 、 Chen Jianbin 、 Liang Jiahui 、 After Zhang yaoyang , Gao Qunshu turned his eyes to sun Honglei .

Sun Honglei at that time , Has officially joined 《 Everything is settled. 》 The cast , Play in the play “ A fool ” In the corner of .

The accident is ,《 Everything is settled. 》 Shooting in Sichuan and Tibet , Sun Honglei has a strong altitude reaction , Had to quit the crew .

In a super big circle , Sun Honglei became “ Black boss ” Liu Huaqiang .


Fame depends on 《 latent 》

There are clouds in the show business :“ Xiaohong depends on holding , Dahong depends on her life .”

rely on 《 conquer 》 The heat of , Sun Honglei gave Xiao Hong a hand . His pay was blasted from the original episode 1 One thousand yuan , Leapfrog rise to an episode 8 Ten thousand yuan .

however , From the real red , He is still short of a well-known national play .

The play , Namely 2009 The masterpiece of spy war drama broadcast in ――《 latent 》.

Yu Zecheng, who is six or seven years away from Liu Huaqiang , Without the ferocity of the young bandits , With the delicacy of middle-aged men .

Sun Honglei with superb acting skills , It perfectly interprets the role of this complex underground worker .

Everyone sighed : Liu Huaqiang, who played the black boss in those years , It turns out that acting is so good !

And the strange thing is , rely on 《 latent 》 Sun Honglei who is going to be popular , But I've been talking about 《 conquer 》 And Liu Huaqiang shut up , As if he had never played such a number one character .

This kind of practice of drawing a clear line between Da Hong and Xiao Hong's role immediately after Da Hong , It inevitably makes the audience who love Liu Huaqiang feel cold .

thereafter , With the theme of the big play 《 The right way in the world is the vicissitudes of life 》、 Phenomenal urban drama 《 men 》 The heat of , as well as 《 The border situation 》、《 War on drugs 》、《 The whole people witnessed 》 Such as the success of big screen works , Sun Honglei is firmly in the top position of a first-line Superstar .

For a long time , Whenever sun Honglei appears , He must have stood there without accident C position .


My main business is variety

Looking back on Sun Honglei's fame , It's not hard to see , In his “ Acting as ” Under the surface of , Something strange is hidden .

Break dance champion , Night prodigal , Older actress, younger boyfriend , Gong Li's gossip hero , And the one who almost played him “ A fool ”…… It seems to point to him finally becoming “ Variety show ” Destiny .

From this point of view , Maybe not sun Honglei from a “ A good actor with frequent good works ” Turned into “ A variety show guy who pretends to be crazy ”, But a male artist who mistakenly entered the film and television industry , After your career reaches its peak , Regained the self that should have been a variety Cafe .

since 2015 Year joined 《 Challenge the limit 》, Become “ Limit three silly ” It's stupid , Sun Honglei is right there “ Don't serious ” Go further and further on the road of variety show .

I mentioned sun Honglei before , Everyone thinks of Liu Huaqiang 、 Yu Zecheng 、 Gu Xiaobai and other classic characters . Now I mention sun Honglei , People's first reaction , It's basically the bull terrier who hit his face and the sentence “ Am I beautiful ?”……

In the variety show , Sun Honglei, who is good at shaping serious roles , With the expression of flying yourself , Let the audience see what is “ The contrast is lovely ”.

The more you need to think about reality show games , The more you can't see sun Honglei's brain . And when you think he's going to be calculated 、 When bullied , But he can always use a thick face as thick as the wall , Play the devil's little wisdom .

The more you play, the higher you get , Sun Honglei completely fell into “ Variety show ” Happiness , Ask people everywhere on the show “ Am I beautiful ”, Therefore, it was sealed “ Yan Wang ” The title of .

Become “ Yan Wang ” Sun Honglei in the future , More and more variety shows are being filmed , Serious plays are less and less .

One of the few plays , The screening of scripts is very lax , As long as there is heat, dare to answer .

2019 year , Sun Honglei said goodbye 《 Challenge the limit 》 Season five , Many people think he is going to return to his main business .

The result? ?2020 Broadcast in 《 The new world 》, It's everywhere bug Low score water injection drama .

Netizens who had no drama to chase at that time , Watch and scold , While feeling how Sun Honglei received such a play , Good acting is ruined by the script .

The time came to 2021 year , Sun Honglei, who had quit variety show , Join the reasoning reality show 《 Cute detective 》.

The teaser in the chicken bar is more than Yan Wang , In front of everyone again , This makes chicken fans look forward to .

But everyone was dismayed to find , The fool who once brought laughter to the audience , This time it turned out to be “ That's stupid ”.

As the main member of a reasoning program , Sun hong2 lei2 “ IQ is not online ” How to play , It's uncomfortable to watch .

In the words summarized by netizens , Namely “ When it's time to tease, keep a straight face , When it's time to be serious ”.

《 Cute detective 》 My reputation is also bad .

And this year's sun Honglei , Already a 51 Year old “ Old actors ” 了 .

The greater the age , It means that the less likely it is to be loved by young audiences .

meanwhile , The farther away from excellent film and television works , The more difficult it is to get a good role again .

Traffic market “ Variety show ” Sun Honglei's time , There may be a lot more . But the audience waited “ Good actors ” Sun Honglei's patience to return to his main business , There is not much left .

Over time , When the new generation of viewers don't know sun Honglei , When the older generations of viewers no longer expect sun Honglei , We will completely lose “ Liu Huaqiang ”.

And this , Is an audience eager to see good works , The last thing I want to see .

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