Remember Liu Min《 He was also a well-known host in the spring of jade mansions

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remember liu min well-known known

Remember Liu Min ?《 Yulouchun 》 Match white deer in , He was also a famous host

since 《 Yulouchun 》 Since the broadcast , The discussion about the play has never stopped , In fact, as a play related to Yu , It's normal to be discussed , And there is discussion before there is heat , Of course, the evaluation of the play is also mixed , These are normal phenomena .

In fact, the play got a lot of attention when it was started , And Yu Zheng himself put a lot of effort into the play , Therefore, many viewers themselves are looking forward to the play , So after the show , There will be more discussion .

Although it is said that the play may not meet the expectations of some audiences , But in some aspects, it is still very good , For example, in modeling and clothing , Can clearly see the intention of the crew , Among the cast , Liu Min's master of the hostess Lin Shaochun is also particularly attractive .

Willing to play a supporting role for White Deer

Speaking of 《 Yulouchun 》 The role of Zhongliu Sanjue , Liu Min grasped it very well , Be able to perform a supporting role to impress the audience , This is a great test of the actor's skill , And Liu Min has done quite well in this regard , Not only is it remembered by the audience, but also it doesn't steal the play .

《 Yulouchun 》 The number one actress is white deer , Although the White Deer company is very popular , A woman who has acted in several plays , But compared with Liu Min , White deer is slightly deficient in both experience and business level , After all, there are still many places to learn from becoming an actor .

As a middle-aged actress , In fact, Liu Min doesn't have many roles to choose , Although some netizens think that Liu Min's acting , You can play female number one , But after all, age is here , In addition to playing some mother roles , Liu Min can get the role of Liu Sanjue , It's already very good .

Once a famous host

Maybe many older viewers will think Liu Min looks familiar , In fact, before becoming an actor, Liu Min was the host of a popular variety show on Shandong satellite TV , This program is called 《 Sunshine Express 》, I think this variety show was really hot , Another male host on the program is now the famous writer Da Bing .

Liu Min was a very successful host , I believe many people still remember 《 Sunshine Express 》 The beginning of , Both hosts ran up the stage holding hands , Very young and energetic . And Liu Min's hosting style is very lively , Infectivity and affinity are also particularly strong .

But for various reasons , Finally, Liu Min didn't continue to be the host , But choose transformation as an actor , Although the road of transformation is difficult , But Liu Min insisted , And with your own efforts , From a famous host to an actress loved by the audience .

《 previous 》 She is also the shopkeeper of the game

In recent years, Liu Min has performed quite a few plays , And because in these plays , Liu Min plays different roles , Therefore, it also makes more audiences remember the middle-aged actress . Actually before that , Liu Min also created some impressive characters .

In the meal God play 《 previous 》 in , Liu Min guest starred in Cecilia, who played the challenge arena with shopkeeper Tong , This role can be said to be 《 previous 》 A wonderful role in , quite a lot 《 previous 》 My iron powder is also impressed by this role , But it's strange that few people know that Liu Min is the actor of sissy .

Liu Min was very beautiful when he was young , But when she turned into an actress, she had no advantage in age , Therefore, in the early years, Liu Min only played some supporting roles , Although he played a lot of roles , But few viewers can remember . and 《 previous 》 Cecilia in , It also strengthened the idea of being an actor to a certain extent .

Whether it's being a host , Still be an actor now , Liu Min tries to do her work well , Although Liu Min has never played a leading role , But Liu Min has always been his protagonist in life , Take life and work very seriously , Such actors deserve to be liked .

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