Zhang Ziyi's photos of foreign activities were picked up, and her group photo with foreign male stars became the focus, and her intimacy caused controversy

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zhang ziyi photos foreign activities

8 month 9 Japan , An entertainment blogger updated a dynamic in his personal social account , Sun out a group of old photos of Zhang Ziyi attending activities abroad , And a caption “ It is worthy of an international chapter , Zhang Ziyi's foreign friends are bigwigs ”, The photo of Zhang Ziyi taking a group photo with a foreign male star has become the focus of netizens , When they take a group photo, they act intimately , It has aroused controversy among netizens .

From the performance of Zhang Ziyi since she joined the industry , Zhang Ziyi is famous not only at home, but also abroad , She has attended many activities abroad , But also know a lot of foreign big stars , When Zhang Ziyi attended the event abroad , It always attracts the attention and reports of foreign media , Zhang Ziyi's title of international chapter is indeed not in vain , This is a little admirable .

From the appearance of Zhang Ziyi attending the event abroad , Obviously, Zhang Ziyi is more open to attend activities abroad than at home , Zhang Ziyi is wearing a red dress , The design of this red dress shows your figure , Not only the off shoulder design , It also has a low collar design , Show Zhang Ziyi's good figure incisively and vividly .

From the state of Zhang Ziyi's group photo with foreign male stars , Zhang Ziyi's resources abroad are really good , When Zhang Ziyi took a group photo with a foreign male star , They not only face to face, but also hold hands tightly , From the expressions on their faces , Zhang Ziyi's relationship with the foreign actor should be very good .

however , From the content of netizens' comments in the comment area , Some netizens don't approve of Zhang Ziyi's group photo , A netizen left a message in the comment area ,“ Take a picture with a foreigner close to his face , And the hand is so tight , Have you considered Wang Feng's feelings ?”.

Some netizens also think that Zhang Ziyi's group photo is very normal , Another netizen left a message in the comment area ,“ Now Brother Feng and Zhang Ziyi are so happy , What about their journalism major , Don't turn over the old things , Have some professional ethics ”, Another netizen left a message in the comment area ,“ Man , Don't lose sight of others , Don't envy and hate , That's life , Gain in this respect may lose in the other ”.

Zhang Ziyi's photos of overseas activities were picked up , Take a group photo with a foreign male star, and the intimacy caused controversy , Personally, I think , It's just a group photo , We don't have to make up too much plot , This should be just a social habit of Zhang Ziyi , Nothing else , What do you think? ?

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