Wu Yifan incident implicates Lu Han and Huang Zitao? Be asked to take notes and start checking the man's circle of friends!

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wu yifan incident implicates lu

Since the Wu Yifan incident was reported by the United States , Has always been concerned about , later , At the end of last month, we reported the news of being detained , It caused an uproar , Then he was directly blocked by the whole platform , All songs and works are off the shelf , Even even “ China's drug control ” All forwarded the contents of his detention , It can be seen that Wu Yifan's incident is not just QJ So simple , There should be a lot of material behind the scenes .

later , Even the American media have revealed that there are also victims there , It can be seen that Wu Yifan not only challenges the legal bottom line in China , Although it is said that some Taiwan stars are afraid to take a stand these days , therefore , Diverted the attention of some netizens , But he is still the focus of the entertainment industry .

In yesterday, , Another famous entertainment blogger broke the news , The Wu Yifan incident further fermented , Now it has even implicated some friends in the circle , It is pointed out that Lu Han and Huang Zitao were also called to ask questions , But it's just a normal process , Just take a note , They have no problem , It can be seen that the investigation of the man's circle of friends has begun .

After all, Lu Han and Huang Zitao are the best artists in Wu Yifan's circle , They were together when they made their debut , Although after the termination of the contract and returning home for development , Huang Zitao had a conflict with Wu Yifan for some time , But later , In the countdown to a New Year Concert , The two finally cleared their differences , And then , The three of them often interact , And promote each other's works .

therefore , At that time, Zhang Yixing always went to hot search together , Also ridiculed by many netizens “ Three is short of one ”, But after all, they don't contact privately , Only I know best , But now Wu Yifan is in prison , It also made the microblog night at the beginning of the year “ Four sons returned ” The last time in the same frame ( Wu Yifan 、 Lu Han 、 Huang Zitao sat together , Zhang Yixing was the guest performer of the night , Although there is no interaction , But it's also the first time the four of them have participated in the same event ).

later , After the news that they took notes broke out , It also makes many netizens question , After all, now affected by the epidemic , therefore , Many places have been closed , Lu Han himself lives in Beijing , Taking notes in the past can make sense , But Huang Zitao is filming in Shandong where the city is closed , It's impossible to take notes in the past .

Although the authenticity of the news remains to be studied , But it can be seen that the Wu Yifan incident has spread to the surrounding friends , It shouldn't be long , The police will report the final result of the incident .

What do you think of this ?

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