Li Yundi lost 15 kg in recent photos, but Lang Lang lost weight with the naked eye. Should pianists exercise

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li yundi lost kg recent


New gold entertainment observers found , Today, Mr. Li Yundi has a new development . original , He took a recent photo of himself , He is not fat , Recently, I lost weight again 15 Jin , Looks like a teenager . Look at Li Yundi's recipe , All healthy vegetables , Enviable .

Mr. Li Yundi has always been decent 、 Excellent piano skill . He is the first prize winner of Chopin Piano Competition , The piano level is world-class . Over the years , Li Yundi also began to transform slowly , Take part in some variety shows , Or show up at the Spring Festival Gala , Gained a lot of heat .

Teacher Li Yundi's face is against the sky , So I've been paying attention to keeping fit all these years . New gold entertainment watchers noticed , Li Yundi has recently lost weight , I lost weight all at once 15 Jin . Need to know , He made a lot of efforts behind his back . Diet meals are all boiled vegetables , With sports, the effect is more obvious .

But as a pianist , Since Mr. Lang Lang got married , But I've gained a lot of weight . Look at Lang Lang's latest video with Gina , Lang Lang has gained a lot of weight with the naked eye . This is happiness , After marriage , Lang Lang has children , The career is also quite smooth , I'm really relaxed and fat .

But compared with Lang Lang's old photos , He's really a little fat now . Some people think that , Lang Lang is not a traffic star , Not love beans , He wandered the Jianghu by his superb piano skills , So don't worry about weight .

But some people think , Whether it's a pianist , Or an idol , It's all from the circle of stars . Since you enjoy the pursuit of fans , If you work hard on body management , Isn't it more perfect ? Fans now , It's not as focused on the professional abilities of stars as it used to be , I prefer to see the appearance and figure of stars , therefore , Even pianists , You can't relax now . Do you think this view is reasonable ? Comments are welcome .

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