After 11 days on-line, the heat reached the top, and the cumulative playback volume exceeded 190 million! This variety show is not simple

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days on-line line heat reached

In the near future , The popular variety show is still 《 Cute detective 》. This variety show has been online for more than two months , It has always been in the top three of the heat list . Seat , The broadcast of each program , Basically, they can rush to the hot search . Yang Zi earlier 、 The dispute between Britain , It can be said that the audience has endless melons .

《 Cute detective 》 This variety show , It can be said that it combines the advantages of many variety shows . There are detective elements , There are also links to reproduce the classics , There is also a pleasant atmosphere .

at present ,《 Cute detective 》 The heat is second , Followed by the new variety show that has been online for only three days ――《 Burst stage 》. This variety show , Can be so fast , Just squeezed into the top three , It's not easy .

The one with the highest fever , yes 《 Chinese Restaurant 》 Season five . Online only 11 The heat of the day topped the first place , The playback volume is also as high as 1.9 Billion , Staged a counter attack .

《 Chinese Restaurant 5》 When the first season aired , The heat doesn't seem to have achieved the desired effect .

After all , Before this variety show was broadcast, it could be said that it was a great momentum . Reuters shot wave after wave , The guest list is also controversial .

But when the first episode aired , The ratings are not high . The content of the program , It's also a little monotonous , It mainly introduces the resident host .

Gong Jun was originally announcing the list of officials , Everyone thought he would be a permanent guest , After all, he's in the poster .

But after watching the first program , Gong Jun is not a permanent guest , Just the first flight guest . His shots are also very few , It took a few minutes to make a slow debut .

Fortunately, the second program ,《 Chinese Restaurant 5》 It's getting busy again .

This time, the store manager is still Huang Xiaoming , But there was peace among the guests .

as everyone knows , Tranquility is a person who likes to be outspoken . This time she appeared , Very well “ Hold back ” Huang Xiaoming , In the face of such a coffee and character star , Huang Xiaoming is also powerless .

A lot of times , Peace is something to say , Huang Xiaoming's attitude is also very good .

Other young guests , Performance is also very good .

The cooperation of Yao Anna and Zhou ye , It's also quite up to standard . Not as netizens thought earlier , Instead, they help each other , And a beautiful situation .

Gong Jun need not say more , Good cooking . And Ding Zhen , This time cooking in the hot weather , It's not easy .

《 Chinese Restaurant 5》 It's on the air , Good reputation , Looking forward to the next program , Can see more surprises !

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