Zheng Shuang asks Zhang Heng for mercy and love? Seeking a comeback, but repeatedly hit a wall and was yelled to turn to marketing to make money

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zheng shuang asks zhang heng

Since Zheng Shuang was banned, he has been very low-key , It seems that it is really difficult for the whole entertainment circle to find news about Zheng Shuang , Because of the official ban on her , The outside media did not give her any exposure , Zheng Shuang's road to net popularity has also been completely blocked , I thought Zheng Shuang would do this all the time “ disappear ” down , But it seems that he is not satisfied with his current state , Although the Zheng Shuang storm has been seriously characterized by the official , But the number of fans who support Zheng Shuang is still very large , With the support of these fans , Zheng Shuang himself doesn't want to give up , I've been looking for opportunities for my comeback many times .

8 month 9 Japan , Zheng Shuang wrote through his personal social platform that :“ Man, give me a way to live , I'm not a devil , I'm the little monster you love ”, Although it's just three simple sentences , But it seems to reveal a lot , The reason why Zheng Shuang ended up today , And Zhang Heng have the most direct relationship , Even today, Zhang Heng still sends a document on the social platform to hammer Zheng Shuang , Therefore, in Zheng Shuang's post “ Brother ” Although no name was mentioned , But the basic guess of outside netizens is Zhang Heng , Zheng Shuang wants Zhang Heng to give himself a way , And he said he was not a devil , It's not as ruthless as public opinion says .

More interesting , The last in Zheng Shuang's article “ I love you! ”, It was understood by many netizens as a show of love, Zhang Heng , In fact, Zheng Shuang's life and economy have changed a lot after he was banned , Facing Zhang Heng, he puts materials online again and again , Zheng Shuang seems to have no other way , Only by choosing to beg for mercy or compromise can it be in your favor , Even seek a chance to return , But on the other hand , Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng have been making a lot of trouble because of this storm , They have long regarded each other as enemies , It seems impossible to reconcile like this , It's impossible to change the state between them because of Zheng Shuang's simple sentence , So what does Zheng Shuang's article mean , It has triggered a lot of speculation and debate .

But no matter what the outside world guesses , Netizens have a general certainty , Zheng Shuang wants to find a comeback in various ways , In fact, Zheng Shuang is also a very smart person , Although the official ban on her is very strong , But she can also speak smoothly through the storm of Wu Yifan , Wu Yifan storm let Zheng Shuang see hope , When the Wu Yifan storm happened earlier , Zheng Shuang issued a long article to respond to his own things , I hope the authorities can give her a chance .

More Than This , After the rainstorm and flood disaster in Henan , Zheng Shuang spoke with his own influence , Zheng Shuang has worked hard to seek opportunities for many times , However, even if Zheng Shuang did more, the official did not have any response , And the evaluation of most netizens is still unforgivable , Zheng Shuang's repeated attempts to make a comeback have failed , Including Zheng Shuang's suspected petition for mercy Zhang Heng , It has also been resisted by many netizens .

One thing for sure is , Because without the aura of star artists , Zheng Shuang's life is not as good as before , But it's even harder to get back , So netizens have also made moves for Zheng Shuang , Because Zheng Shuang used to be the top female artist in the circle , In fact, so far, many fans have expressed support for her , And Zheng Shuang has more than ten million fans , So some netizens shouted that Zheng Shuang if he wanted to change his current life state , It's better to change careers as a marketing number , And Zheng Shuang used to be an insider , You must know the truth that others don't know , It should be much more reliable than other marketing numbers , More importantly, transfer marketing numbers can also make money , Change your living conditions , It seems to be a better way , However, this method has not only attracted the sarcasm of netizens , At the same time, it was still resisted by some people .

So it seems that no matter which way Zheng Shuang takes, it is difficult to continue to appear in the public view , For Zheng Shuang , It's impossible for her to come back , Even if there are no tax problems , But just one surrogate is enough to ruin Zheng Shuang's future , And this is an unchangeable fact now , Zheng Shuang has sent articles on the Internet for many times to test , Not only does it not help the way back , It will also increase more netizens' dissatisfaction with themselves , Now Zheng Shuang's best choice is to leave silently , Find a suitable job and start a new life .

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