Rebaden's "fast book" is too beautiful and tall. Netizens laughed that he lied about his height

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rebaden fast book beautiful tall.

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August 7th , A group of actress diri Reba appeared in the private server of happy camp program look On , Diri Reba's look at the happy camp this time , Just like the selfie she updated on the social platform before , The upper body is a DionLee Brand fishbone vest , The lower body is Khaki overalls , The whole shape belongs to the cool and sexy color system .

In this program , A pair of domestic special shoes worn by Dili Reba has attracted the attention of many netizens . I heard earlier that delireba was going to endorse the Tebu brand , It is said that the identity of spokesperson will be officially announced these days .

Dirieba upper body with camouflage waist strap vest , The upper body effect shows the superior shoulder neck line and small waist . And the tank top jacket and the loose Khaki are a tight match , The customized sneakers combined with Tebu brand look very good .

Speaking of dirieba , I believe everyone is familiar with . Delireba is a very popular actress in the entertainment industry . She has been in business for many years , Well developed in the entertainment industry . lately , A new play starring delireba and Yang Yang 《 You are my glory 》 It's on the air . At present, nearly half of the play has been broadcast . Many netizens who have seen the play have a good evaluation of the play . And Dili Reba and Yang Yang have high looks , In the play, they are also very sweet , Many netizens are bumping against this pair cp.

Delireba is not only beautiful , And in good shape , Height is also higher among many actresses . In addition to participating in activities , Dirieba seldom wears high heels . Netizens who pay attention to Dili Reba should know , Dirieba's official height is 168cm, But recently, some netizens questioned that Dili Reba lied about her height , It's not high , But low !

Before that, Dili Reba had participated in activities with Wang Yuan , Wang Yuan's official height is 175cm, But two people participate in activities at the same time , Dirieba is also wearing flat shoes , Standing with Wang Yuan is as tall as Wang Yuan ! as everyone knows , Wang Yuan's height is not low , Stand with other male artists , There is no problem with Wang Yuan's height ! And before 《 Running man 》 in ,Angelababy His height is 168, Delireba and Angelababy Stand together , Than baby Half a head higher ! Many netizens said , When others lie about their height, they report it higher , Only delireba is an exception ! What do you think of this ?

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