What do you think is the most domineering words in the fierce knife in the snow?

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think domineering words fierce knife

1、“ Heaven doesn't give birth to me, Li Chungang , Kendo is as long as night !”

2、“ Only three foot sword in my life , Kill Jiaolong where there is a Jiaolong .”

3、“ Li Chungang is the only swordsman in the world , I am the only famous sword in the world .”

4、“ I, Li Chungang, want to go to heaven ? One sword is enough !”

5、“ Wang Xianzhi ! Li Chungang visits Donghai , Borrow this city sword , Fight you !”

6、“ Li Chungang, this sword opens the door of heaven , Kill you, Wang Xianzhi or not ?”

7、“ The Wu family's nine swords broke ten thousand horses , I can support nine of them alone .”

8、“ Let me kill two thousand iron riders to get used to it , On his deathbed, he pulled another vassal on his back , There is no regret in death .”

9、“ Three million sword immortals in the sky , When you meet me, you must lower your eyebrows .”

10、 Deng TAIA holds the sword upside down , Raise... With one hand , Tap the door with both fingers , Asked with a smile :“ The guests came again , When how ?” Within the glorious gate of heaven , Finally there was no movement . Ask the immortal in the sky , Who dares to come here ?!

11、 ridiculously overrate one's own strength , Respectable but not self-sufficient ? Xuanyuan Jingcheng took back his sight , After one hand , One hand out , In a loud voice :“ Xuanyuan Jingcheng asked his ancestors to die !”

12、 Eighty one real people were gathered from the Taoist sect of the world , Don't hesitate to join hands to stop the devil array , It was still slaughtered by high trees on the top of the earth lung mountain , Leave a message “ I was an immortal on earth , Town what devil ”, Go away .

13、 A middle-aged Taoist in Longhu Mountain was very angry , Look at the magic cutting platform :“ Hong Xi Xiang , Whether you are the reincarnation of LV Dongxuan or the reincarnation of Qi xuanframe , Such an act against the sky , I'm not afraid of disaster ?!” The immortal once again spoke like a nine sky thunder and landed at the demon cutting platform , From afar :“ 700 years of cultivation, cold and heat , What can a mere robbery do to me !”

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