Faye Wong's bar was met by chance. She showed a low profile without bodyguards and assistants. Fans asked for a group photo and hugged her

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faye wong met chance. chance

8 month 8 Japan , Some netizens updated a video on the social platform , After exposing the recent situation of Faye Wong . She recently made a low-key appearance at the bar , After being bumped into by netizens , No shelf at all , Also kind to take pictures with people .

The netizen revealed , On the same day, Faye Wong's agent repeatedly blocked , But Faye Wong still hugged her and said :“ Come on , Let's shoot .” Facing the fans' likes , She didn't put on the airs of a queen , Instead, they lean against each other when taking a group photo , It seems very close .

Faye Wong didn't bring her bodyguard and assistant that day , It seems that only one agent accompanied . At the dinner table , She doesn't allow others to call her “ The elder sister ”, It means that everyone is of the same generation , There's no need to be so polite . It can be seen that , Whether it's appearance or mental state , Faye Wong kept it well .

After seeing this dynamic, netizens , Someone commented on :“ Still so thin and beautiful .” The photographer said that he was wearing high heels and seemed not as tall as Faye Wong , Everyone envies her for having such an experience , After all, not everyone can take pictures with idols .

It's hard to see that Faye Wong has 52 Year old , As a singer , It has brought many good works , Such as 《 merry-go-round 》《 Fleeting years 》《 legend 》 And other popular songs . In recent years, although she rarely appeared on the stage again , But every time I play, I'm in great shape .

Faye Wong has always been very easygoing in life , Nicholas Tse also praised her for her lack of airs many times . She usually likes to go to disco , Enjoy the pleasure of music , Sing and dance like ordinary people at the Music Festival , Special grounding gas .

Faye Wong is indeed the idol of a generation , I also hope she can strive to bring more good works , I wish her such a good state all the time .

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