Ye Jing, a well-known child star, was exposed recently. At the age of 41, she was full of white hair and said she didn't know why she became like this

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ye jing well-known known child

8 month 8 Japan , Well known child star Ye Jing posted a video on her personal social account , Exposed his recent situation .

In the picture ,2 Ye Jing, who hasn't filmed for years , Rare appearance on the football field . The court is spacious , The lawn is clean and tidy , I guess I'll play a game here , Consumption is not low .

He's wearing a red shirt , Gasping for the camera , Playing football this day , It's also sour . It seems , He exercises quite a lot .

only 41 Year old , Already full of white hair , Get fat , Compared with the handsome appearance before , It's changed a lot , Almost unrecognizable .

Netizens saw his recent photos , Leave messages in the comment area . Someone sighed , Why is Ye Jing so old , I almost didn't recognize it . He was also asked , Why did your hair turn white all of a sudden .

For the comments of netizens , Ye Jing replied one by one , Very friendly attitude . He admits , About six or seven years ago , The hair turns white naturally , I don't know why it's like this , Maybe it's brain overuse .

As early as 90 years , Years old 10 Ye Jing , Then he joined the entertainment industry to develop . Not long after his debut , He was lucky enough to participate in the performance of Qiongyao TV play 《 Green River grass 》, Play the role of Pei Shaowen , With Ma Jingtao 、 Yue Ling and other big stars cooperate .

After the show , Both ratings and word-of-mouth have a good harvest . Ye Jing's lively and lovely image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people , And Jin Ming became well-known child stars in those years .

When I grew up , He didn't give up his career as an actor , Continue to be active in front of the screen ,2003 In, he relied on 《 Blood romance 》 Ning Wei in the , Get attention again .

unfortunately , He has a little stamina , After the film and television series , The water spray is not big . In despair , He began to cut back on his onscreen performances , Behind the scenes .

He became a director , Completely put down the burden of idols , Not only no more hair dyeing , And grow your hair long , Plus a rounded figure , Netizens couldn't help laughing at him like teacher Liu Huan .

Some netizens don't want to see him change like this , A kind message advised him to dye his hair and lose weight . After seeing everyone's opinions , Ye Jing finally made up her mind , To change yourself .

4 Month of the month , He once filmed his transformation process as a video , And share it on social accounts . Hair dyed black 、 Cut short , He also became thinner , Regain your former handsome , It's a real eye opener .

Ye Jing also revealed , I made a small decision , Let's wait and see . Many people think , He is ready to start again , Well run the show business .

little does one think , Just a few months later , Ye Jing is too lazy to dye her hair , And let yourself get fat , It seems that he has a new plan .

Speak really , What does Ye Jing want to become , It's all his freedom , As a fan , Only respect .

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