Chen lushai took a group photo with Huo Zun to open the relationship. The man didn't respond. It was very embarrassing. Netizens speculated that the woman forced marriage

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chen lushai took group photo

8 month 8 Friday night , Chen Lu posted a group photo of herself and Huo Zun on her microblog , also @ Huo Zun himself , With a love , You know, Huo Zun is 9 month 18 The birthday of the 21st , Such a sweet group photo makes everyone guess whether the two are in an official relationship . However, Huo Zun hasn't made any statement about love until Xiaobian issued the document , This may be the first couple in the entertainment industry to unilaterally declare a relationship .

Huo Zun was born in a family of music , Father is a musician, Huofeng , Mother Zhong Xiaoping was also a singer , Huo Zun's attainments in music should not be underestimated . stay 2014 CCTV music reality show 《 Chinese good songs 》 Win the championship , His original songs 《 Rolling bead curtains 》 It was even sealed “ Chinese good song of the year ”, Since then, Huo Zun has officially entered the entertainment industry , And because of his high-quality voice, he has made great achievements . And Chen Lu is a national second-class dancer , He has been on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala many times , Although he is not as famous as Huo Zun, he is also a little successful .

It is reported that Chen Lu has always been Huo Zun's gossip girlfriend , The two have long been lovers , Secret love lasts at least eight years , It has long been an open secret in Huo Zun's fan circle , A few years ago, paparazzi photographed two people eating together at Huofeng's house , But Huo Zun hasn't responded to this all the time , Yesterday, Chen Lu was even more generous to expose their intimate group photos on her microblog , It seems that he wants to earn the name of Huo Zun's genuine girlfriend for himself , But Huo Zun's practice is really chilling .

As can be seen from this photo , Huo Zun held Chen Lu tightly in his arms , The girl's face was full of happy smiles . Both were dressed in black casual clothes , The face value is super high and the facial features are exquisite , It seems that men and women match very well . Chen Lu has a small melon seed face 、 High bridge of nose and big apricot eyes , The skin is tender and white , Beauty is not lost at all, female star . But more than ten hours have passed since Chen Lu unilaterally announced their relationship yesterday , I don't understand why Huo Zun hasn't responded yet .

In the eyes of fans, Huo Zun is very irresponsible , In fact, although Huo Zun developed in the entertainment industry as a singer , But he's not a traffic singer , So fans don't object to his falling in love, even a blessing , After all, Huo Zun is 30 years old this year , It's nothing to fall in love , Now the female side is generous, but the male student is hiding quietly, which makes many netizens say they can't understand and even abuse Huo Zun for not taking responsibility , Live up to Chen Lu's love for so many years .

Love is like drinking water , affair , Little lovers can't be perfect all the time. There will be all kinds of bumps and finally enter the palace of marriage together , Now Chen Lu takes a group photo with Huo Zun , It seems that Guan Xuan is in love , But Huo Zun never responded , There seems to be something else , We don't know how their relationship will end in the end , We can only bless them for a long time .

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