It's not unreasonable that Yang Rong is not red after pushing off Wei Yingluo and putting Zhang Yimou in the pigeon

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unreasonable yang rong red pushing

As a screenwriter , White deer 、 Wang Yizhe 、 The costume drama starring Jin Chen and others 《 Yulouchun 》, go online 14 Tianwen ranks among the top three in the list of popular dramas , The ratings are not inferior to the new play starring Yang Yang and Dili Reba 《 You are my glory 》, The eight beauties competing for beauty in the play attracted the discussion of many audiences .

For example, the role of Lin Shaochun played by White Deer , Ancient spirit, spirit and monster, both wisdom and courage , He is proficient in music, chess, calligraphy and painting , The ancient style is impressive ; Another example is Jin Chen's daughter Xu Fengqiao , Strong character, beautiful and hot , Get high praise from the audience , However 《 Yulouchun 》 The biggest surprise is Yang Rong .

Sun Youzhen, the eldest sister of the sun family she created, entered the palace as an imperial concubine and was loved by the Emperor , The character setting is similar to the classic 《 A dream of red mansions 》 Jia Yuanchun in , The first time I saw Yang Rong's ancient costume , The audience was by her 40 Amazing at the age of , There was a crying scene in the play. Many people watched it , His superb acting skills have won numerous praises .

Yang Rong, who has been ridiculed as the second daughter of ten thousand years , At last 《 Yulouchun 》 A wave of sense of existence , But after all, the play is in front of us , As a supporting role, she didn't become popular with this role , Like a flash in the pan, as the plot gradually fades away, everyone is gone , The old classmate Yu Zheng can do nothing , After all, new people are better than old people , Yang Rong has already passed the popular period .

Recalling Yang Rong in her youth , There are countless opportunities to become popular in front of her , Unfortunately, it's a pity to miss it , And the reason is that people are speechless .

When she was a Junior , Zhang Yimou's film 《 Happy time 》 To choose the heroine , Look for 4 More than 10000 actors auditioned , After layers of screening, Zhang Yimou never found a suitable candidate , Yang Rong was recommended to Director Zhang by the elders in the circle .

Who knows, Yang Rong is busy shooting other film and television dramas , Zhang Yimou waited for her for four hours , Last miss “ Conspire girl ” The opportunity of , In turn, the actress Dong Jie .

Yang Rong's excellence is not limited to this , When Haiyan shot 《 Jade Goddess of Mercy 》 when , Ding Hei, the director of the play, asked Yang Rong to audition , It makes sense that no one will refuse an opportunity like this , But Yang Rong surprised everyone , She didn't think it was safe to audition alone , He simply found an excuse to refuse the director's kindness .

So , Sun Li took the No. 1 daughter from her and felt at ease , And become popular with this play , Won the Golden Eagle Award and the Queen's laurel .

Seeing that Yang Rong's career is not going well, people are generally popular , Zhao Liying has been popular one after another 、 Yang Mi 、 Yu Zheng, an old classmate of Wu Jinyan, really can't see it , Put the hit show 《 Delay jubilee strategy 》 Wei Yingluo, the heroine of the film, was in front of her , But Yang Rong refused , After that, everyone saw that Wu Jinyan jumped from the 18th line actress to the popular line .

Now Yang rongnian has arrived 40 year , Naturally, it can't compete with White Deer 、 Jin Chen, these younger generation , Can only stoop to 《 Yulouchun 》 The supporting character is the green leaf , Looking back on the first half of her acting career , It's really a pity for her , But I have to say , It's not unreasonable that Yang Rong is not red .

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