Who is behind Zhang dada, who dare not offend half of the entertainment industry?

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zhang dada offend half entertainment

In the entertainment world , He is an unsolved mystery .

The tag given to him by netizens is “ A poisonous tongue ”“ Fine play ”“ Sell badly ”“ Orchid finger ”.

He offended most of the entertainment industry , But he was praised by the stars .

Netizens shout “ Raise funds and hit Zhang dada ” The appeal has been fruitless for many years , Instead, his fans soared to 3000 ten thousand .

What kind of power , Let Zhang dada fly higher and higher in the dispute ?

today , Let's decrypt the entertainment industry , Those are not accidental rules of fame !

1990 year 11 month 2 Japan , One is Zhang �| My boy was born in a well-off family in Shanghai , At school , Every exam , It gives him a headache , Not because you can't answer questions , But the other children finished writing two questions , His name has just been written .

However , I was young at that time , Dare not disobey your parents .

2007 year , Zhang �| Studying in Shanghai Drama Academy , With excellent grades in all subjects , Become a student bully who gets scholarships every year in the broadcasting and hosting Department .

I haven't graduated from college , One 17 Year old boy , Many media are scrambling to .

The media who threw olive branches at him , Namely : Jiangsu TV 、 Oriental TV 、 Hunan satellite TV .

Last , He chose mango table , Since you want to enter the entertainment industry , You have to change your name , Because there are too many people named Zhang Wei like him , The streets are full of .

He wanted to change it to “ kid ”, But I immediately realized that someone had called this name .

Now that I think of big characters , Then call it Zhang dada !

2020 New year's Day , Zhang dada, who graduated from school , Entered the Hunan fruit table , Host a variety show of making friends 《 Single refrigerator 》, The newcomer who just made his debut presided over , It has been highly praised by the media , He said he had Cai Kangyong's wisdom 、 Huang Zijiao's style 、 Small S And Tao Jingying's spicy .

Just entered the entertainment industry , Just apprentice to teacher Xie Na , This seemingly open-minded choice , He quickly won Shana's favor .

as everyone knows , This “ Crazy woman ” It's a sun goddess , There are not many contacts around , Under the guidance of master Xie Na , He has a firm foothold in Hunan TV station .

After that , Zhang dada and his partner Yang Lele presided over 《 Challenge the microphone 》, Brush some sense of existence in the host circle , Popularity also began to rise .

Zhang dada, who is complacent about his achievements , It's a little inflated .

Zhang dada used to be in 《 My God 》 I've been a regular guest for two periods , But in the third issue , But without his place , It is said that he offended many people in the program .

Take Wang Baoqiang for example , At that time, Zhang Da asked him every question , All the slots are full , He asked Wang Baoqiang , I heard you played 《 Chinatown detective 》, Who are you playing ? There is a , Let everyone understand , Zhang dadaoqing has never seen the film .

Wang Baoqiang replied “ In this movie , I'm from the beginning to the end , Every game is ”, Such an answer , It also implies Zhang dada's ignorance and fearlessness .

obviously , Once a school bully , I realized this immediately , But Zhang dada, who became angry from shame , Despite the scholar's politeness , Pointing to Wang Baoqiang's nose, he said :“ Believe it or not S you ”.

The baby who has practiced Kung Fu in Shaolin temple for many years , Of course not , Direct aggressive response :“ I am not afraid , Come on ! I've practiced ”.

Zhang dada changed his face in an instant , So seconds counselled .

After that , This program is in season 3 , There's no big place anymore .

When the media interviewed him about it , He said surprisingly , Your worth is not what it used to be , Those who attend the show don't deserve to sit with themselves .

For this matter , Shana once admonished traitors in public :“ Self confidence can , But please don't because of your confidence , Hurt someone ”.

However, from the performance of Zhang dada later , Obvious , He didn't take the master's words to heart .

2013 year 9 month , Faye Wong's divorce from Li Yapeng made entertainment headlines , For this hot news , As Hunan TV 《 Entertainment pioneer 》 Moderator , Zhang dada was on the show , Ignore the feelings of Dou Wei and Cecilia Cheung , Faye Wong's ex husband was called Nicholas Tse .

This is a serious program accident , However, Zhang dada did not lose the love of Hunan TV for him .

After that , Wu Zhenyu's son is in 《 Where's dad going? 》 During the recording of the program , Serious eye injury , Form a lifelong irreversible sequelae .

Just as Wu Zhenyu broke up with Hunan Satellite TV about this , Zhang dada is in the program , Once again, it's not surprising to die , Support Hunan TV station , To understate , The child was hurt a little , Parents make a fuss , As for you ?

Zhang dada's attitude aroused the indignation of the whole network , Wu Zhenyu was so angry that in an interview , The microphone is about to break , After all, whose children don't care ?

In the variety show , To the height 1 rice 76 Zhang Yishan , The first word of greeting is :“ Zhang Yishan , You're short ”!

2015 year , Singer Tan Weiwei attended 《 I am a singer 》 match , Successful challenge , Win a round of applause , In the beginning , Everyone's focus is on Tan Weiwei , Unexpectedly, he was robbed by Zhang dada , On the entertainment front page .

As Tan Weiwei 《 singer 》 The agent on the show , He wailed excitedly backstage , Let Tan Weiwei get rid of the joy of success , Turn around and comfort him , That's it , Everyone's attention is focused on the men's version “ Lin daiyu ” On the body .

With this “ The big show of pear blossom with rain ”, Zhang dada has gained a lot of attention from passers-by , The number of fans and the heat of the topic are like sitting on a small rocket , Whoosh up .

I've tasted it “ Red Chamber script ” in “ Lin daiyu ” The sweetness of crying , After that , Every important entertainment occasion , Will write and direct a crying play .

Rocket girl 101 The night of the dissolution of the women's League , He cried his heart out , If an unwitting person sees , Thought it wasn't the dissolution of the women's League , It's Zhang dada who lost his job !

except “ A poisonous tongue ” and “ Crying play ” Besides Zhang dada's unique skill , He also has an inspirational card , That's it “ Sell badly ”.

One time , Zhang dada is on the variety show 《 dear , Take it easy 》 in , The conversation with Yang Mi , Let countless netizens circle Yang Mi's powder .

In the program , It's not easy for Zhang Da to tell Yang Mi about his , He said he worked hard , However, Jianghu people give nicknames “ Yang Weiwei ” Yang Mi of , He didn't comfort him like Tan Weiwei , It's a direct connection .

“ Who doesn't work hard ? Look at the takeout boy downstairs , Don't they work hard ? Look at the big brother carrying the camera around us , Doesn't he work hard ? No one is easy , You're not the only one working hard ”.

Although there is no expected comfort in Yang Mi , But Zhang dada's poisonous tongue constitution , But let him move forward , Opened the mouth unforgiving , The more people offend, the more people get red .

Open Zhang dada's microblog , He is a good brother who hugs Wang Sicong's shoulder and takes beautiful photos .

She is also a close friend of the two beauties surnamed Yang in the entertainment circle .

He is a distinguished guest of Mr. and Mrs. Huo Jianhua's family , It's also a big way for yang to surpass and follow .

Once in the 《 Actors, please be in position 2》 among , Because Zhang dada is not good at acting , Speak to run on his great director Er Dongsheng , I once asked people around me in confusion , Why are you so polite to Zhang dada ? At that time, everyone fell into silence .

Zhang dada 30 On your birthday , Celebrities from all walks of life have sent blessings , Er Dongsheng even sent it to the only place in the country 14 gold , The golden statue award of my own exclusive collection , It is said to take this goddess badge to participate in the golden statue award , The whole journey went smoothly , No one can stop .

However , In the face of such a generous gift , Zhang dada's response was not enthusiastic , Thank you very politely .

Er Dongsheng's contradictory behavior contrast , The connotation fully verifies the powerful forces behind Zhang dada .

Follow up in sharp contrast to Er Dao's enthusiasm , It's in erdongsheng 63 On my birthday , Zhang dada is holding a small strawberry cake , Carelessly sent blessings .

But even so , Er Dongsheng's enthusiasm for Zhang dada remains undiminished , Respond enthusiastically on Weibo .

2019 year 9 month , Zhang dada's new play 《 The supremacy of appearance 》 release , This one is only rated on Douban 4.6 A separate video play , But attracted more than half of the people in the entertainment industry to support him , They have done publicity and promotion for him on microblog .

An overwhelming All-Star publicity lineup , Confused netizens with unknown situations , It is said that Wang Feng is 9 month 9 A concert will be held on the th , Is there any big news again ?

The result was unexpected , It turned out that Zhang dada's new play was released , All the stars are supporting him , Zhang dada, who has overshadowed Wang Feng , Once offended half of the entertainment industry , Why do you let the stars hold it ?

therefore , Under the deep excavation of many netizens , The answer gradually surfaced .

As early as 2009 In the year , Zhang dada disclosed his life background on his microblog , A cousin who claims to have grown up with him , Married into the Yang family, a wealthy family in Hong Kong .

When things go out of whack, they will , Capital always has a heart of following the trend , Although Zhang dada is unforgiving , But the background behind him should not be underestimated .

The young family , Famous in Hong Kong .

Mention Yang Shoucheng , No one knows , Last century 60 Hong Kong in the 's , Yang Shoucheng relies on 20 Ten thousand yuan starts , throw a sprat to catch a herring , Carefully cultivated for decades , Established Yang's business empire .

On the Forbes list , Yang Shou became famous before 50 position .

Backed by the big tree of the Yang family , Zhang dada is very popular in the entertainment circle , It's no wonder I haven't walked out of school , It was robbed by many TV stations .

Entertainment is a vanity fair , It's also PK A battlefield of strong and weak resources , Ever since , Striving for fame and fortune is inseparable from an important thing , It's a network resource .

Although Zhang dada is unforgiving , But he has one of the greatest values , He put all his words on the surface , Don't do the backstabbing , Maybe , Because “ Strong strength ”, Disdain it ?

All in all , Looking forward to Zhang dada's various performances full of strange flavor , After all, his melon material , Wonderful , It's very interesting !

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