"Irresistible him" warm man Cai Zhongxie recommended 6 Korean dramas! Park Baojian is sealed as a network, and gold medal rescue and witch canteen will be pursued

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irresistible warm man cai zhongxie

Because of Korean dramas 《 Irresistible he 》 Cai Zhongxie, the second male pop star , Previously starred in 《 Today is safe and sound 》、《Between Friends》 Multiple online dramas , stay 2019 First appeared in a TV play in 《 Gold medal rescue 》, This year is the next performance 《 Come to the witch canteen 》、《 Irresistible he 》 etc. 3 A popular Korean drama , This time, I'll help you sort out 「 Cai Zhongxie's recommended list of Korean dramas over the years 」, Look at Cai Zhongxie's other Korean dramas that haven't been followed ~ Cai Zhongxie recommended Korean dramas over the years :《 Come to the witch canteen 》

As a new generation of small fresh meat, Cai Zhongxie , Light is on 2021 In, he took over three ramming dramas , The latest one 《 Come to the witch canteen 》 By song Zhixiao, the goddess of frozen age 、 Nan Zhixuan co stars , About a witch canteen run by Zhao Xiluo , Provide meals that fulfill their wishes to door-to-door customers , Let them not hesitate to sell their souls in exchange for a different life .

Among them, Cai Zhongxie plays a part-time job in the witch canteen 「 Li Jiyong 」, He was the captain of the track and field team in high school , I dreamed of being admitted to a Sports University , But he hurt his foot because of an accident , He had to give up his dream of being an athlete , Wearing a high school uniform, Cai Zhongxie can't see 28 Old age , It's cute enough ~

Cai Zhongxie recommended Korean dramas over the years :《 Irresistible he 》

Cai Zhongxie in Korean drama 《 Irresistible he 》 He became popular as a second male , As a childhood sweetheart of the heroine Nabi , To heal the charming soft cute can smile corona, many fans , It's a far cry from Zaiyan, a scum man who has to make physical contact with everything , In contrast, he is an infatuated super warm man , Of course, the necessary intimate actions will not be less .

The title of warm man is not false ! It turned out that Liang Duhe liked the heroine since he was a child , It was fate to meet Nabi again on the bus , I was afraid that Nabi would catch a cold in the rain , Immediately get out of the car and hold an umbrella for her , There are also many warm men's acts that have been praised by netizens , Knock on the bowl and hope they can stay together !

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