CCTV announced a number of "youth killing dramas". Xiao Zhan was on the list of "jade bone remote" and said he looked forward to seeing each other

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cctv announced number youth killing

In recent days, , Actor Xiao Zhan has heard good news many times , Especially Xiao Zhan's works ,《 Please give me more advice for the rest of your life 》 Successful gearing , Will be in 9 month 8 Day launch , And Xiao Zhan 、 Starring Ren min 《 Yu Guyao 》 Has also been killed , It's really good . It is worth mentioning that , stay 《 Yu Guyao 》 After the extermination , CCTV also announced a number of excellent “ Kill youth play ”, There are naturally 《 Yu Guyao 》.

CCTV said :“ A list of recent film and television dramas ! Look forward to seeing you . In recent days, ,《 Yu Guyao 》、《 Life events 》、《 start 》、《 The little lady of the butcher's house 》、《 Our marriage 》、《 The river shines at dawn 》 And other film and television dramas have been declared dead , Covering ancient costume 、 The city 、 youth 、 Suspense and other topics . They all want to see what to do ! Which work do you most expect to meet as soon as possible ?” So many “ Kill youth play ”, It also covers a variety of themes , It can meet the different needs of the audience , It's really nice .

From the response of netizens , Everyone named Xiao Zhan's works , That is to say 《 Yu Guyao 》, They all said they were looking forward to Xiao Zhan “ Time shadow ”, Look forward to Xiao Zhan 、 Starring Ren min 《 Yu Guyao 》! Look forward to seeing you . For Xiao Zhan , Xiao Zhan himself is an excellent young actor , Xiao Zhan's works have never disappointed the audience , Xiao Zhan's performance did not disappoint us all , So Xiao Zhan's 《 Yu Guyao 》 Worth waiting for .

Now that the new play has “ Kill ” 了 , All we have to do next is wait , It doesn't matter anymore , After all, Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi starred 《 Please give me more advice for the rest of your life 》 Will be in 9 Broadcast in , Very excited . In short, support young actor Xiao Zhan , Looking forward to Xiao Zhan's works , I hope Xiao Zhan goes smoothly , Cheer for Xiao Zhan !

Xiao Zhan's future can be expected ! Support Xiao Zhan .

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