When a woman is over 60, she should wear her mother's shirt like this! Wear with Capri pants and flat shoes for simple and age reduction

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woman wear mother shirt wear

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Age should not be an excuse for women not to dress up , At any age , The pursuit of beauty should not compromise with the years . although , Women grow with age , Many fashion styles can't wear the beauty of youth , But this doesn't mean that every woman should give up her appearance , While dressing up , We should also pay attention to the construction of the inner world . A beautiful face is only temporary , Permanent beauty must be inseparable from the inside .

The beauty of a woman lies not only in her appearance , It's more about temperament . today , Let's talk about 60 The topic of dressing and matching for young women . The woman passed 60 year , Mom wears a shirt like this , With Capris and flat soled shoes , Simple and aging !

1. Simple and generous mother's shirt + White Capris

White Capris are a good partner for mothers in summer . Capri Pants refer to pants that are seven minutes long , Pants that reach below the knee . Capris are a classic fashion piece , No matter where the popular footsteps go , It will be loved by the majority of middle-aged women , It is comfortable to wear, versatile and durable .

As a top style, the style of mother's shirt will change slightly according to different detail designs . The color of this blue T-shirt is designed with gradient details , Light blue gradually transitions to dark blue , The resulting color levels are relatively rich . And the dark blue part is designed with white printing pattern , Enriches the color matching of the whole blue T-shirt , Played a good decorative role , Gorgeous, dignified and generous .

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