Is it over? The female wanghong who exposed Guo Qilin of Deyun news agency spoke again, saying that Li Renshi would be backfired

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female wanghong exposed guo qilin

In famous movies 《 mobile phone 》 in , Mr. Zhang Guoli has a classic saying , Describe the gossip between men and women , say :“ This kind of thing is a trouble .” Guo Qilin, the leader of Deyun Society , Perhaps more than anyone can understand the meaning of this sentence , Because I was chatting with a female online celebrity late at night , The young leader almost lost his reputation . I thought it was over , little does one think 8 month 9 Number , This is amber wang A popular microblog of women's network , He picked it up again .

This is amber wang The female net red said :“ Setting up people is to be backfired , So be honest , The scum man will return it sooner or later .” Obviously, this amber wang Or are you alluding to Guo Qilin , Said that Guo Qilin's people will be backfired sooner or later , If it's a scum man , I'll return it sooner or later . Many netizens saw this woman's online popularity , All expressed great anger , They make complaints about her. , Are you going to talk about this all your life ?

At that time, the woman was very popular , After sending Guo Qilin to hot search , Seeing things get bigger , Just shirked and said he drank too much , That's why it's nonsense , Said he wronged Guo Qilin . But now I use this language to point out the mulberry and curse the locust , Lead the dirty water to Guo Qilin , It's a little unreasonable . Everyone said that Guo Qilin was still too kind-hearted , At the beginning, he directly used legal weapons to protect his rights and interests , I guess there's nothing left .

The same was true of Yue Yunpeng's illegitimate daughter , These so-called net red , In order to rub the heat of Deyun society , Don't hesitate to use such indiscriminate rumors , To discredit the actors of Deyun society , It's really unforgivable . For the actors of Deyun society , Are you really suing these people , It's like sending heat to each other , Right in the other side's arms , The end result is nothing more than an apology and money loss , These people are sure to make a profit , Name calling is also a name , Black and red are also red .

let me put it another way , On such a thing , Deyun society is a vulnerable group , These people make it clear that they are barefoot and not afraid of wearing shoes . Guo Qilin's character and Cultivation , It is obvious to all in the entertainment industry , How strict is Mr. Guo Degang's tutoring , That's well known , In such an environment , How can Guo Qilin be the kind of person who likes looking for flowers and willows ? Justice and freedom , Rumors stop at the wise , I hope this female tennis star will take care of herself , Back from the brink , Otherwise, it will be too late to repent .

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