Zhou Xun is in such good condition, but there is no hot search... | who is the most beautiful

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zhou xun good condition hot

I've seen this hot search format countless times :

XX state /XXXX state .

Click in without exception is the rainbow fart that female stars will never be old . however , I seldom see Zhou Xun in this hot search , But she's really in good shape , It's the kind you can see she's grown up a lot , No longer weird , But still moving good .

Xun Zhou

You see , She is also like the nimble and light Princess Taiping , It's lying with your eyes open . She still has traces of years , There are also hidden wrinkles on your face , But her eyes were fixed a lot , As if I could see through your trick at a glance , The whole person precipitates an aura used to seeing big winds and waves .

This blue suit is really noble for her , If the model is an urban beauty who is rushing to work on the streets of Paris , I believe Zhou Xun is the boss of the fashionable girl sitting in the office on the top floor of the skyscraper . Anyway , Chanel Princess of China , From the beginning to now , I only know Zhou Xun .

Dongyu Zhou

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