Meng Ziyi dates cousin he Youjun. The man is the chairman at the age of 29. Unfortunately, the female star doesn't like it

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meng ziyi dates cousin youjun.

Meng Ziyi attended 《 Female love 4》, I can't see 29 Year old chairman , The other party is still cousin he Youjun

Recently, the types of variety shows are becoming wider and wider , And the love of stars , Obviously, I also got it on the surface ,《 The love of daughters 》 It's a good love complex , Many female stars have also found their partners here . The female stars in each performance are popular and beautiful , Therefore, this program has been more popular since it was broadcast .《 The love of daughters 》 The fourth season also officially started , Meng Ziyi, who has always been a big controversy this time , Also participated in the program .

And she's very lucky , Met a 29 A boy who became chairman at the age of , Although not handsome enough , But a gentleman's behavior can bring favor , And Wang Houjie has a strong family background , The other party is still cousin he Youjun , A family that can be related to the gambling king , It must be very unusual . For Meng Ziyi , Such a boy should still be very suitable for her , Not just gentle gentlemen , And he's talented .

But I didn't expect Meng Ziyi, a female star , I don't have any feelings for Wang Houjie , In fact, in their relationship , You can see that , There are great differences in their feelings , Maybe it's because of family and growing up background , So there will be contradictions in some concepts . And Mencius righteousness is in such a prosperous circle as the entertainment circle , Both love beauty and have their own pursuit , Well, Wang Houjie, who works in the medical and health industry, naturally has no common topic .

In fact, what to say is not suitable for , It's just an eye edge problem , When Meng Ziyi's mother first saw Wang Houjie , I also think I have no eye for my daughter , Sure enough, no one knows a daughter better than a mother , On the way to get along with each other , I didn't feel the feeling of heartbeat . It's not that the family background of the two people is inappropriate , If you really like it , These are not excuses .

It's just that neither of them likes each other , After some love, I can't say it clearly , In this variety show , Although it has made a lot of lovers , But at the same time, some people are still single . In fact, some of the men the program team is looking for are very good , Everyone has his own talent , And work hard , Or the family conditions are good , The president with high appearance is not without , But the idea of female stars is still somewhat different from that of ordinary people , A slightly wealthy family like this also has high requirements for their daughter-in-law .

And many female stars don't want to give up their career , So naturally, I won't consider such people , In fact, everyone has different ideas

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