The top three TV dramas in the ratings list: "song with the king" is at the bottom. Which one are you chasing?

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In recent days, , from “63 city ” The ratings data display shows , At present, the top three ratings of popular TV dramas are as follows :

1、《 Heartbeat source plan 》

The ratings :2.433%/2.053%

starring : Victoria song 、 Luo Yunxi

Because the heartbeat source planned to see the broker , Come back to the heartbeat source plan , I think the screenwriter has changed quite well . If it is the original, it will never be copied to the screen , But after the modification, the meaning is positive , And the mysterious wild nature of Zhou Xiaoshan in the original work , Qiu Jianing's stubborn contradiction , Qin Bin's generosity and integrity are reflected . The point is , Whether it's an original or a TV play , Zhou Xiaoshan is full of inexplicable charm , Also is also evil , It's addictive . Let's see , Of course, turnips and vegetables have their own love , Everyone's preferences are different , But objectively speaking , The play is very conscientious . Is a rare “ Qingliu ”, Not just entangled in CP Sweet hair sugar , At the same time, it also embodies and conveys many positive energy values .

2、《 I really love you 》

The ratings :2.428%

starring : Liu tao 、 Du Chun

I'm because someone at home is watching this TV play , Forced to follow , In the process of watching , Very irritable , I think such a play , How can anyone be willing to continue to look down , Most of the angles inside are too self righteous , This is also the performance of the screenwriter without life experience , What stay at home mom , What career mom , What sense of superiority , What despises , I don't know why ! Liu Tao really can't , Such acting is embarrassing , It seems that only 《 Ode to joy 》 To fit her . The characters in several plays are depressed characters , Does she think that executives in the workplace must be high and cold ! It's too much to watch , I don't want to go on , That's it , I'm so disappointed !

3、《 Song with Jun 》

The ratings :1.747%

starring : Cheng Yi 、 Zhang to the sunrise

A play directed at Cheng Yi , But when I saw it, there was always a barrage saying that the hostess was silly, white and sweet , Not at all , The female owner's setting is growth , At this time, this state is in line with the plot , Just imagine if the female Lord is half as smart as the female two , Can you get close to Qi Yan ? Qi Yan is lonely and cautious , At this time, he is very suspicious , Hardly trust anyone , It is the upright, solitary and brave character of the female leader that makes him unload his defense , Then slowly trust it , All the plot and character characteristics are progressive , Very good , The Machiavellian part is also great at the moment , Multiple lines go in parallel , You may feel that the plot jumps at the beginning , I don't quite understand what I'm talking about , That's to pave the way for the conspiracy part , After seeing the next few episodes, the context gradually became clear , Plot with feeling , I think it's very good , Especially the man's expression , The product can't stop ~

The top three ratings of TV dramas , Which one are you chasing ? It's not easy to code words , Welcome to pay attention to like , Message discussion .

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