"This is hip hop 4" is a new member, who was once the favorite of yearning!

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hip hop new member favorite

8 month 9 Japan ,《 This is the street dance 4》 Officially file , The broadcast date is 8 month 14 Japan , I didn't expect happiness to come so fast ,8 Happy month , Fans must know best , More gratifying , It's this season , A new member , This man was 《 Desired life 》 My group pet .

It's not hard to guess , This person is Liu Xianhua , I've seen the first two seasons 《 Desired life 》 Spectator , You should know that you are familiar with Liu Xianhua , Funny and cute in the program , He Jiong and Huang Lei's group pet , One of his words “ What's the most important , Safety is the most important ”, It's continued to this day .

There are many famous scenes , Drink water, drink , The panic of suddenly falling pants , Learned that Zhang Zifeng belongs to Huang Lei “ daughter ”, Peng Yuchang's sister again , What Peng Yuchang said to Huang Lei “ Dad ”, I was so surprised that I didn't know what was going on .

Have to say , Watch more famous scenes of Liu Xianhua , You will only be happier , Liu Xianhua is 《 Desired life 》, Make an impression on the audience , Is the source of happiness , But in fact, Liu Xianhua is a very talented person , Not only have high attainments in music , The same is true in dance .

And this time Liu Xianhua joined 《 This is the street dance 4》, For Liu Xianhua himself , An extra stage to show himself , And for the program , It must be double wonderful , For the audience , It must be double happiness !

Besides, Han Geng 、 Wang Yibo 、 Zhang Yixing and three others , The highlights of last season , It's all in my mind , lead a person to endless aftertastes , Especially captain Wang Yibo's water stage , Such a visual feast , It's hard to forget !

Actually, Han Geng 、 Wang Yibo 、 Zhang Yi Xing 、 Liu Xianhua's group of four , It's also a magical match , In addition to Han Geng, who is older and has more experience , The other three are still big boys , Even a little shy .

Especially Zhang Yixing and Wang Yibo , See girls will be shy , Will blush , I don't know what to say , When dancing with girls , And always keep a gentleman's hand , Don't embarrass girls , Never take advantage of girls .

But once on the stage , Start dancing , The whole person's aura has changed , The contrast comes out in an instant , Soft cute in life , I can't see it in an instant , Instead, it's cool 、 SA 、 It's serious 、 It's focus 、 It's a magnetic field that attracts the audience !

Count the date of the broadcast , Today is only five days away , And just the day it was broadcast , It happens to be Tanabata Festival , With the other half's little partner , Will be double happiness , No other half's little partner , Go to see Han Geng 、 Wang Yibo 、 Zhang Yi Xing 、 Liu Xianhua , You will also be very happy !

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