The death scene of the official propaganda society! Huo Zun's girlfriend took a sweet group photo of the two, but the man didn't respond

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death scene official propaganda society

yesterday , Dancer Chen Lu took an intimate group photo with singer Huo Zun on a platform , In the picture, two people snuggle up to each other, which is very sweet . When Chen Lu sent this photo , Not only the postscript to Guan Xuan, but also Aite specially invited huozun , Quite a bit “ Forced marriage ” situational , But Huo Zun himself did not respond .

This is probably the most embarrassing star official publicity of internal entertainment , I thought it was a two-way beautiful love , The result is a one-sided confession without a response , I don't know how my little sister feels .

Until now, Huo Zun himself still has no response , Netizens who eat melons can't sit still , One after another left a message to Chen Lu in the comment area , Say... In a sarcastic tone “ See Shan Xuan for the first time , I'm embarrassed ” This sentence is also very damaging , For Chen Lu who can't get a reply, it is undoubtedly “ Salt the wound ”, If it's really a girlfriend ready to get married , The man has to kneel on a washboard .

Have the courage to go straight to aithozun , The little sister must look good , Every frown and smile is very decent, and the recognition of the whole face is very high , The facial features style is a typical classical style , It gives people an elegant and graceful feeling , It's very similar to Huo Zun's music style .

Even if the two of them are in the same frame, the appearance of their little sister is not inferior to Huo Zun , On the side, it looks like South Korea's national Sister Li IU, Leaning against Huo Zun's arms, it's very small and lovely , A pair of deer eyes are bright and bright, and no one can help but pity .

According to netizens , Huo Zun and Chen Lu have already talked 9 Years of love , The woman chooses to have an open relationship at this time “ Forced marriage ” The trend of , After all, entanglement 9 For years, everyone wants a reasonable result .

Netizens also said that in this relationship , Chen Lu has paid quite a lot , He was not only abused by Huo Zun's illegitimate powder, but also questioned about his low education , In the face of all kinds of bad words, Chen Lu never replied , Such an introverted girl chose to open her relationship on the social platform , No doubt I want to find an explanation for my feelings for so many years .

Huo Zun's attitude is very thought-provoking , Let Chen Lu hang on the hot search alone , I don't explain myself , Not even a facial expression was given to the woman , It can be seen that he is dissatisfied with the woman's practice .

This popular star relationship , The broker will call to confirm , So there is no situation that artists don't see , Huo Zun should have received news long ago , The probability is that the two sides are communicating .

Wu Yifan hasn't been here long , The turbulence of internal entertainment still exists , If Huo Zun denies it now, he is bound to have a bad reputation , If you admit it generously, you will lose the support of some fans , Frankly speaking, Huo Zun has 30 Year old , It's also normal to have a relationship exposed , It's just that this practice is a little incomprehensible .

In fact, we are still very tolerant of star love , Some stars are even ridiculed by their fans every day and ask him when to take off the order , Lu Han's relationship with Guan Xiaotong has also been blessed by most people .

Since his fans know that Chen Lu exists , That means it's not as simple as the woman wants to rub a heat , After all, hand in hand 9 Years to accompany each other, from green to mature , What problems can't be solved by two people sitting down together , You have to let the woman prove her identity in this way , Let's see how this will develop in the future .

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