From ballet dancer to Kung Fu actress, how did Michelle Yeoh enter Hollywood on her own?

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Preface :

Even in 21 Century today , We are often shocked by the beauty of the female stars in Hong Kong Films , In recent years , Women's choice of dressing style and photography style , Gradually more inclined to a kind of called “ Hong Kong Style ” Unique fashion system . Bright and generous without filter , Thick hair , Warm red lips , A flamboyant character , Confident smile , It's all done “ Hong Kong Style ” The best endorsement .

Among the famous actresses in Hong Kong Films , Do you know Michelle Yeoh ? This lady with legendary experience , With her humility 、 Self confidence, generosity and other personality characteristics are loved by many people in the world , Her film and television works are often highly praised , Today, let's walk into Michelle Yeoh's film , Enter Michelle Yeoh's unique personal charm .

Hard work under the background of superior family

Different from the family background of many Hong Kong Film and television actors in that era , Michelle Yeoh has a family background with excellent living conditions . In those days , The environment in which she grew up 、 The childhood she had , Enough to make her an enviable daughter , Her father even has a prominent official position . Have... At the same time “ the officiallings ” and “ Rich second generation ” When you call me , Michelle Yeoh is not as idle as some ignorant children , Just enjoy the superior life brought by their parents .

Instead, , Michelle Yeoh has been very hard-working since she was a child , She studies her lessons carefully , At the same time, he has many talents , dance 、 painting 、 The piano 、 motion , For young Michelle Yeoh , It's long gone , In many sports , Her favorite artistic activity is Ballet . As we all know, ballet requires a lot of efforts from dancers , To show you the most beautiful dance , Even the physical condition of many ballet dancers is not optimistic .

Sometimes we can even see their scarred feet wrapped under their dance shoes . But even in this case , Michelle Yeoh is still loyal to her love , Youth has never been used as an excuse not to suffer in dance , Many people around her , Including herself, she firmly believes that , I will become an excellent and great ballet artist in the future , She will always dance under her love , Carry forward the elegant dance of Ballet . Enter the entertainment circle by mistake

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