Zhao Liying's new play "savage growth" plays the big female master of "cruel role" and plays CP again with the top male star

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zhao liying new play savage

Zhao Liying's resources have been very good in recent years , The previous baby birth incident did not affect her career at all , After the comeback, the new plays are also one after another .《 There are bandits 》 It's her first TV play back to work , Although the reputation is not as good as 《 To know whether 》, But it also brings her good traffic , And the actor who plays with her is still the popular Wang Yibo , So the broadcast also got good ratings .

Many people point out that , Zhao Liying is in 《 There are bandits 》 The state in is much worse than before , Probably because I haven't fully recovered after giving birth to a baby . stay 《 There are bandits 》 after , Zhao Liying has many TV dramas to be broadcast , Just like modern drama 《 There are thousands of happy families 》, And the latest online costume drama 《 Barbarous growth 》.

In recent days, , It was revealed that Zhao Liying starred 《 Barbarous growth 》 Will be in 9 Start up in mid June , It seems that Zhao Liying is going to turn on the dominant screen mode again .《 Barbarous growth 》 The play is adapted from aney's novel 《 No life 》, It is an inspirational work with the theme of female entrepreneurship , Tell us the story of the 1990s , The heroine breaks into a world in the iron and steel industry with her intelligence , Finally succeed . The plot must be very inspirational and positive energy .

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