She became a world famous model at the age of 20, married Huayi boss the next year, and was spoiled by Edison Chen as a "happy" woman

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world famous model age married

T Everyone on the stage exudes youthful vitality , Try to present the clothes on your body to the audience in the most perfect state .

In fact, everyone has a poker face on the stage , A girl who swings her body easily , The feet under the ultra-high heels are scarred , horrible . The audience only saw them walking brightly among the adults and emitting the brightest light , But I can't know the hard sweat they paid behind the lights .

The early modeling career was a bowl of youth rice , To keep this bowl “ rice ”, Many models rely on starvation and strong exercise to keep their body slim , To get more jobs .

In the fashion world , In the early years, it was almost the world of European and American models . In recent years , Asian model 、 African models are gradually appearing in front of the public , Domestic models also began to face abroad , To the world .

Big cousin Liu Wen 、 White goddess he sui 、 Meng Xiaoming and Xi Mengyao have both stood firm in the modeling circle , Create your own small world . as everyone knows , Xi Mengyao recently gave birth to the first male grandson of the gambling king's family , Became a hot mom supermodel . But before Xi Mengyao , A girl became a hot mother supermodel earlier than her , She is Qin Shupei .

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