Tong Yao meets Lei Jiayin by chance. The way of greeting is hot. Fan: what a mess

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tong yao meets lei jiayin

6 month 10 Number ,36 Year old 85 After the girl star nursery rhyme against 《 It's only thirty 》 The TV play won the White Magnolia Award , Although it caused a lot of controversy after winning the prize , Many fans think 《 Mountains and seas 》 Rizzeiza's performance is even better , But the dust has settled , After so many years of efforts, nursery rhymes , Finally, he won the trophy he dreamed of . In the recent , Some media took pictures of nursery rhymes and Lei Jiayin hugging . Nursery rhyme meets Lei Jiayin , The way of greeting is hot , Fans said it was a mess .

In the impression of many fans , Lei Jiayin and nursery rhyme have never cooperated , The two rarely interact on Weibo , But here's what I didn't expect , Their feelings are so good . After meeting at the event , Nursery rhyme and Lei Jiayin hug very closely , It can be seen from the picture that , The feet of the nursery rhyme have been tilted back , Obviously, he has great trust and kindness to Lei Jiayin , Lei Jiayin, though very gentlemanly, leaned over , But it still makes people feel that he has a very good relationship with nursery rhymes .

The meeting between the two was obviously a chance encounter , It can be seen that they didn't know they would see each other here before , And nursery rhymes are also very happy , Although she also has many friends in the circle , But it is rare to have such an intimate hug with a male star in public , But it can be seen from their expressions that they are very familiar .

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