Yao Chen's temperament is really amazing. His coat and "appetizer Jumpers" attend the event, which is beyond the model of international film stars

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yao chen temperament really amazing.

Sweet and lovely to wear , It's a style that many women can control , Because this kind of dress does not need women's tall figure and body requirements , But the aura style of the Royal sister series is a great test of women's height , And the strength of temperament , So compare all styles , The aura style of the imperial sister can always amaze the public's vision at the first sight , Leave an unforgettable sensory impression .

Yao Chen's temperament is amazing , Coat matching “ Appetizer Jumpsuit ” Attend the event , Super international movie star fan . since 《 Are both good 》 After the broadcast , It's rare to see Yao Chen's shadow on the screen , And in the recent “ Youth film exhibition ” I haven't seen you for a long time , A raid “ Appetizer ” The dress up of clothes and trousers really brightens people's eyes , Try the style of flat bangs, which is not only more foreign and advanced , Makeup and dressing are very domineering and refreshing , More and more international movie stars .

Hair style has a great influence on a person , Yao Chen, for example, used to follow the route of "center point" or "three or seven points" , This time, the dress with flat bangs is very young . But from the actual bangs effect , Thick bangs are actually not very friendly to older women , Yao Chen can present a stunning sense of age reduction , Thanks to the exquisite and rich makeup , Like ordinary women, it is better to choose air bangs for age reduction .

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