What did Ding Zhen cook in Chinese restaurant 5? Let Gong Jun call him martial uncle? Quiet becomes a fan

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ding zhen cook chinese restaurant

Chinese Restaurant 5 It's really a treasure show . Among the guests , Not only the tranquility , Gong Jun , Zhou also , We also invited Ding Zhen, who was popular all over the network last year .

Last year, Ding Zhen didn't speak Mandarin very well , I didn't expect it to be long before , Not only do you speak Mandarin very well , Facing so many stars , No stage fright at all ! Although not much , But quite confident .

In less than a year , He must have worked hard to learn a lot ! What a treasure boy !

This time Ding Zhen also learned a good dish , I didn't expect No 1 Once done, it was very successful . When it's done , Even peace has become his little fan , Keep praising him , The five-star chef who taught Ding Zhen to cook has always praised Ding Zhen for learning things quickly , Good comprehension ! Worthy of my apprentice ! Gong Jun also hurriedly added : My martial uncle !

Do you want to know what Ding really cooked ? This dish is the specialty of Hunan — Stir fried meat with chili !

Look, this is the finished product made by Ding Zhen ! I didn't expect him to 1 I learned so well in cooking .

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