Song with the king was a hit, and Cheng Yixuan Lu came out to attract the attention. How do you know that everyone pays attention to Zhang Yuxi

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song king hit cheng yixuan

《 Song with Jun 》 High premiere ratings

《 You are my glory 》 Update three days a week , Just when everyone is in drama shortage , Cheng Yi brings a new play 《 Song with Jun 》 Online , The premiere of the play won numerous praises , I don't know if everyone is chasing the play ?《 Song with Jun 》 About the puppet emperor Qi Yan enduring humiliation and bearing heavy burdens , The story of palace fighting and fighting , If you miss it, it's a pity !

at present 《 Song with Jun 》 go online 1 My God! , But the ratings and word of mouth are quite good . Although there are still many hot dramas on the market , can 《 Song with Jun 》 The broadcast volume has exceeded 70 million , It is enough to see that Cheng Yi's play has a burst of style . If the follow-up story doesn't pull the hip ,《 Song with Jun 》 There must be a chance to become “ Annual crown ” Good work !

Cheng Yixuan Lu and he Shengming came out to attract the eyes

However 《 Song with Jun 》 High premiere ratings , But who really cares about the advantages of this play ? Originally, there was a lot of competitive pressure on the hot dramas in summer , but 《 Song with Jun 》 Can premiere and make a good start ,“ Sparkle point ” There must be .

(1) Cheng Yi acting online

Cheng Yi plays the young emperor Qi Yan in the play , To outsiders, Qi Yan has boundless scenery , Unfortunately, Qi Yan was a puppet emperor controlled by eunuchs . However, Qi Yan endured humiliation , But his strategies and tricks are precisely interpreted with the help of his eyes , To tell you the truth, Cheng Yi's acting skills have improved !

(2) Xuan Lu showed brilliance

Xuan Lu plays “ Cigarette weaving ”, Because Yanzhi has been trained by her enemies since she was a child “ Adopted daughter ”, Yanzhi has already developed a character of unchanged face . It's just whether one's acting is good or not , Eye play is very important , Xuan Lu's appearance is too eye-catching , The eyes are fierce , There seems to be a sense of the villain !

(3) He Shengming came out to catch the camera

And the ultimate big boss It's interesting , He Shengming plays “ Qiu Ziliang ”, Although this role is eunuch , But ambitious , Besides controlling the puppet emperor , Qiu Ziliang also cultivated a lot “ killer ”. Simply speaking , Qiu Ziliang is a cruel character , However, he Shengming's acting skills are good , The expression is feminine , Somehow there is a kind of “ Tough people ” The temperament of !

How do you know that everyone pays attention to Zhang Yuxi

There is one saying. ,《 Song with Jun 》 It has been updated 6 Set , But from the first episode , The plot doesn't develop very quickly . Qi Yan became the emperor in less than ten minutes , And the background of the story was paved in just ten minutes , Such a fast-paced costume drama is worth chasing , Sure enough, many viewers stayed up late to catch up 《 Song with Jun 》 Well !

It's just 《 Song with Jun 》 Online hit , Many netizens pay unexpected attention to the heroine Zhang Yuxi , Although Zhang Yuxi is an old acquaintance , But Zhang Yuxi's role is controversial this time . Many viewers feel “ Cheng Ruoyu ” Is a silly white sweet character , But some viewers think “ Cheng Ruoyu is a straightforward and sweet character , But what is the truth ?

Cheng Ruoyu is not stupid, white and sweet , The role needs to be refined

You know, domestic dramas are rich in silly white sweet characters , Many viewers are not only tired of watching , Even some dislike , And this time Cheng Ruoyu's role is controversial , Let's discuss it !

(1) Cheng Ruoyu's character setting

Different from the cigarette weaving with a heart on one face , Cheng Ruoyu has more aura and girlishness , And have a good imagination of the future . in addition , Cheng Ruoyu seems reckless , In fact, the hostess is very loyal , And not afraid of power , The characters are three-dimensional , But we finally believe that Cheng Ruoyu is “ Straightforward and sweet ” Is that right !

(2) Zhang Yuxi's acting

Cheng Ruoyu's role is simple and ignorant , The setting is a little “ Simple and honest ”, But Zhang Yuxi's acting skills are also very important . Get rid of “ Exquisite ” The label of , Zhang Yuxi was stunned to play Cheng Ruoyu , The expression is smart and full of vitality , Full marks for image !

in general , Zhang Yuxi's role is worth tasting , The image of Cheng Ruoyu in the first three episodes is not particularly full . However, after watching six episodes in one breath , I'm afraid you have to pay attention to Cheng Ruoyu. It's really delicious , In fact, Cheng Ruoyu is the hero of Qi Yan's life “ Little sun ”, This role is very meaningful , Therefore, we don't have to continue to say that Zhang Yuxi plays the role of silly white sweet again !

The above is the whole content of this article , How do you evaluate Zhang Yuxi's performance “ Cheng Ruoyu ” What about the role ? Welcome to leave a message to discuss .

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