The theater in wanghong Hongya cave, a pure Chongqing dialect, is funnier than commander fool!

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theater wanghong hongya cave pure

Hongya cave is a popular scenic spot in Chongqing , There is no doubt that Chongqing is an absolute contributor to the rapid rise of tourism in recent years , However, as long as people who have been to Hongya Cave , There will inevitably be some disappointment , Not only the locals , Foreign tourists can't avoid .

There is no doubt that the unique stilted building structure and gorgeous night scenery , No one can't wonder , Beyond this , It seems that Hongya cave is just an empty shell , It can be seen from afar and can't be blasphemous …… However , There is a theater hidden in Hongya Cave .

Bayu theater is located in Hongya cave 4 floor , Next to the viewing platform on the hillside , The combination of red and gold is particularly eye-catching , But most tourists are like me , I don't know what the show is like , Always very hesitant .

A chance , Bayu theater has launched the latest column 《 One step comedy 》, Use the most representative Chongqing dialect “ Clattering ” As the name of the play , Got my attention , Just walked into this theater for the first time .

I can't see it from the outside , The scale of Bayu theater is not small , It is divided into two floors , Roughly count , There are at least seven or eight hundred seats on the first floor , Plus the second floor , About 1000 about .

The stage curtain is translucent , It seems to be composed of special light , Create a sparkling atmosphere , Very dreamy .

As the lights dim , The curtain gradually opened , Just saw the stage furnishings , There are two similar scenes on the left and right , Simply built two pavilions , Chongqing has the flavor of the Republic of China .

As the footsteps get closer , Three actors appeared , The commander with a straight waist in the middle , His little brother is bent on the left and right , It immediately reminds me of the famous dialect drama in Chongqing 《 Stupid Commander 》.

After a simple opening , They invited 3 An audience came on stage , By the name of the program “ Clattering ”, Let tourists feel the charm of Chongqing dialect , And through immersive performances , It showed a scene on the stage “ The great escape ”

The actors in this performance are less than 10 individual , From an old photo a hundred years ago , Told several different stories , Where each story connects , Actors will shout out ―― stop , At this time, the audience will cooperate :“ Clattering ?”

In order for the audience to understand the performance , The actor's performance not only uses a large number of Chongqing dialect , With standard Mandarin , But it's not abrupt at all .

Through Jia dashai to marry his aunt , The background of the story of holding a wedding banquet in the hot pot shop in Hongyadong , It shows the characters' endings in different times .

Through your cooperation , There is an invisible tacit understanding between the audience and the actors , Make the performance more vivid and interesting , Caused bursts of laughter .

In the interpretation of each story , Photos of Chongqing in different periods are displayed on the stage , From black and white to color , From blur to clarity , The fields and flat land have become tall buildings rising from the ground , A hundred years passed in a flash .

To be honest , At first I didn't expect anything from the show , After all, Chongqing still has some deficiencies in cultural publicity , Until the actor's curtain call lights up , I still have more to say , This performance has greatly improved my local drama level in Chongqing .

Have you all seen Chongqing local dramas ? If you're interested , I strongly recommend that you go to Bayu theater in Hongya Cave !

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