The more she "offends" people, the more popular she becomes

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offends people popular

You go KTV What's a must-have song ?

I don't know how many people , Will vote for Faye Wong 《 Red bean 》.

I suddenly found out , I haven't seen Faye Wong on hot search for a long time .

Her sister opened Faye Wong's microblog , The last dynamic , Stay at 2015 year .

Faye Wong with a cool temperament , Few people are willing to expose their private life in public , It's always mysterious 、 An imperceptible feeling .

But her music director commented :“ Faye Wong is actually very simple , It's not complicated at all .”

Today is Faye Wong 52 birthday .

I want to talk to you “ Inverse growth ” Faye Wong .

Talk about a woman , How to cross thousands of rivers and mountains 、 After seeing the suffering of all living beings , But still as real and comfortable as high school girls 、 Pure free and easy .

“ The sky is full of right and wrong , Be my truth ”

Someone will ask :“ Why, no matter what news comes out of Faye Wong , She won't let anyone collapse ?”

Because Faye Wong has no one to set up .

《 A woman who is easily hurt 》、《 human 》、《 legend 》、《 Because love 》、《 Fleet of Time 》……

Her status as a queen , It is paved by works with a resounding voice , Strong and firm .

How many stars try to have a good relationship with the media , And go your own way 、 Drag Faye Wong , In the eyes of many journalists “ Bad interview ” The object of .

She is not afraid to offend people , A reporter asked her :“ Whether the divorce procedures have been completed ?”

Faye Wong replied :“ What does it have to do with you !”

The reporter said :“ Readers want to know .”

Faye Wong will answer again :“ It has nothing to do with them !”

Some time , When Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse kissed at home , Because the curtains are not drawn properly , Photographed by paparazzi .

After the photo burst , The media asked her :“ Should you pay attention to ?”

Someone else might apologize , And Faye Wong held her head up , Domineering answer :

“ My window is facing a mountain , So I don't think I did anything wrong , What should be reviewed is that they , I don't think I need to guard against or anything .”

This is merciless “ Filipino speech ”, Worthy of the social responsibility, my sister Fei .

People familiar with Faye Wong will know , It's not that she doesn't eat human fireworks , It's a grounded “ Ordinary people ”.

Faye Wong privately organized a small circle , be called “ Class 61 ”,“ League building ” The activity is playing mahjong .

She loves mahjong , Zhang Guorong once broke the news that Faye Wong said : I can't sing well , I recognize. . You say I'm not good at playing mahjong , Don't even recognize it .

She always likes to call Carina Lau , Play mahjong together , Even met Li Yapeng , Also in a mahjong Bureau .

Although Carina Lau had secretly revealed that Faye Wong was not good at mahjong , But my good sister , The card table still has to coax .

Faye Wong also revealed that she loves shopping 、 shabushabu , There are so many express deliveries that people suspect that their home is “ A company ”.

In terms of dress , Faye Wong has been at the forefront of fashion , Her style can be summarized as :“ Wear whatever you want ” wind .

Even if many people don't accept , Feel weird , She doesn't care , Anyway “ Just be happy ”.

“ Freckle makeup ”、“ Sunburn makeup ”、“ Butterfly makeup ”, Today's hot makeup , How many are the rest of your sister Fei's play ?

Her sister likes Faye Wong very much 《 Please yourself 》 There's a line in the song :“ The sky is full of right and wrong , Be my truth .”

She looks so cold , It's not so much indifference , Rather, it is a kind of maintenance of self boundary , Is to give yourself the greatest freedom .

Never mind how others nag , Faye Wong will never cater to please , Because she knows , The judge of life , Only myself .

“ Stay with whoever you like ”

A reporter once asked Faye Wong :“ What do you think of your boyfriend ?”

She replied with a smile :“ The key depends on the feeling , Maybe I met a plumber in the elevator and fell in love with .”

Others may say this as a joke , For Faye Wong , This is the truth .

When she was with Dou Wei , Already a superstar , But willing to squeeze with him in a messy and dilapidated alley , A regular task to get up early every morning , Is to cover your nose and go to the public toilet to pour the nightpot .

But when Dou Wei was found tangled with other women , She resolutely divorced , Even if once love hurts my heart .

Then with little 11 Years old Nicholas Tse fell in love , She didn't hide it , In front of the media , High profile hand in hand sprinkle sugar , go by the name of “ Century hand in hand ”.

Many years later , Faye Wong is in Li Yapeng “ Send hundreds of text messages every day ” Fall under the sweet attack of .

She longed for the stability of her family , Regardless of the gap between Li Yapeng and his own economic conditions , Married him with great vigour .

After marriage , Faye Wong announced her retirement , Become a housewife , I was also photographed by the media going to the supermarket to buy cheap sports clothes for my daughter .

Someone once commented on Faye Wong :“ Fame and wealth are precious , Singing costs more , If you are happy, so , Both can be thrown away .”

These seemingly complex relationships , But one core : I'm glad you enjoyed it .

Faye Wong is not disciplined , She is honest with herself , Don't let external voices affect your judgment , When you love, hold hands , Feelings wither, not reluctantly .

After marrying Li Yapeng , Because of the great economic gap between the two , Many media gave Li Yapeng “ Have a soft meal ” The hat of .

Li Yapeng, eager to be looked up to , How can we tolerate such contempt ?

He took over several development projects , work with all one's might , I want to prove myself .

Li Yapeng used to travel , Take Faye Wong to real estate activities .

When Li Yapeng took out the expensive diamond ring , Faye Wong doesn't care to take a look , Just painfully picked up what had just been put out of the box 、 A suffocated butterfly .

Faye Wong is a wild grass growing wantonly , Li Yapeng wants her to be a flower blooming before people .

During that time, he was pulled by Li Yapeng 、 Faye Wong appeared in business activities , Obviously in poor condition , He often looks haggard .

Maybe considering the children , Others will stop others from talking , Compromise in an unhappy marriage , But Faye Wong will not .

She turned smartly , Live for yourself heartily .

After divorce from Li Yapeng , To work around , Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse came together again .

The whole world doesn't understand .

This is Faye Wong's bravery and domineering in love , She is not afraid of gossip , Not afraid to bear accusations and curses , Just want to stay with the right people .

Love pays attention to timing . When I was in love , Nicholas Tse just 20 year , It's a young man , Learn to love ; Now meet again , They are two mature adults , But spoiled each other into children .

Even if Faye Wong has gone through the world , In Nicholas Tse's eyes :“ She's like a little girl .”

The two get back together , Everyone is not optimistic about , All kinds of rumors of breaking up never stop , But today, seven years later , They still hold each other's hands .

Don't worry about Faye Wong's relationship , Because she lives a transparent and magnanimous life , I will not abandon myself for love , Will not be dragged down by a broken marriage , Will not be worn by inappropriate feelings .

This is true self love ―― Complete yourself .

“ She has no sense of identity ”

After divorcing Dou Wei , The host asked Faye Wong :“ Have you considered finding an ideal father for your daughter ?”

She replied :“ Never thought about , Why should I find her the ideal father ? My daughter has her own father , I'm looking for my partner .”

When I divorced Li Yapeng , There are also many people accusing Faye Wong , Say she's not a good mother .

In the secular sense , Women become mothers , There is a mission , You need to give in to your life for your children .

But good education , Not keeping the surface intact 、 A family with a riddled kernel , But to give children enough love and support .

Dou Jingtong tattoo 、 Dye their hair , In the eyes of the public “ Rebellious girl ”.

She wants to drop out of school to study music , Faye Wong gave her enough autonomy :“ You figured it out , Just don't regret , Sing if you want .”

Now Dou Jingtong not only has made great achievements in music , Still has a good performance in the actor circle .

Dou Jingtong is humble and polite in front of the public , You can go to a roadside stall with your friends , You can also work in a coffee shop and experience life .

The youngest daughter Li Yan is “ harelip ” children , With congenital deformity .

Yang Lan asked in an interview :“ Have you ever thought about giving up Li Yan ?”

Faye Wong immediately replied :“ It's impossible , I think she's beautiful , It's pretty. .”

Li Yan who grew up in love and appreciation , Hold a live broadcast to share your beauty experience , Can also walk barefoot in T platform , Walk confidently .

Author Wang Xin once said :

“ And children , To put it bluntly, it is also a kind of interpersonal relationship . And all relationships , Can't lose clear boundaries .

Automatically abandon this line , Let the other party completely occupy your life , You won't get double love and harvest because of self sacrifice , Instead, the two most likely outcomes are : Be habitually despised , Or become a burden that is hard to return .”

The best gift for children , Not sacrifice and compromise , It's about living your own life , Be their role model .

Her sister was very moved by a detail :

One year Faye Wong attended the Spring Festival Gala , Dou Jingtong proudly tweets :“ See , This is my mom !”

Women start with themselves , It's the wife 、 mother . At any age , Women should have the consciousness of loving themselves , And be your own magnanimous .

Think of an interview , The host teased Faye Wong :“ Oh dear , Don't pretend to be cute , You can't pretend to be cute .”

Faye Wong replied :“ I'm cute. Do you still use clothes ?”

Host said :“ It's all children, her mother !”

Faye Wong replied bluntly :“ Can't the child be fucking cute !”

Appropriately abandon the sense of identity 、 Respect your feelings 、 Find the happiness of life , It's not selfish , But a rare wisdom . Because people only love themselves first , To have the power to love others , Only live your own life first , In order to positively promote the life of others .

As Jiang Xun said :“ You have to be complete enough , To love others healthily , To take care of and take responsibility for others .”

When I first came out , The brokerage company thinks “ Faye Wong ” The name is very rustic , Change Faye Wong's name to “ Wang Jingwen ”.

Faye Wong doesn't like the new name in her heart , But there's no way .

Singing , She hasn't found her own style yet , There is always the shadow of Teresa Teng in the song .

She has participated in many little-known variety shows , Once danced on the stage 、 Sing a song , Play all kinds of strange games .

Recall this time , Wang Fei said :

“ At first, I felt unhappy to be a newcomer , At that time, I had no idea what I was doing except singing , Many things are not what I like .

For example, clothes are not what I like to wear , What I say may not be what I want to say , The name has also been changed , A series of things confused me , I was a man who knew what I wanted , During that time , I became as if I didn't even know what I wanted .”

People's confidence , Mostly from strength . As Faye Wong finds her own style , With effort and talent , Into the top stream , She can finally change her name , Be yourself frankly .

This is the first victory .

Another more difficult transformation , From the spirit .

Faye Wong has great insight , No matter when , She pays attention to feeling her heart , Don't use children as an excuse for compromise , You don't have to prove your worth , She is loyal to herself , Don't ask others for approval , Just for inner happiness .

This is hard won spiritual freedom .

So free and easy 、 Sober self-control , Let the years be like a knife , Can only carve a more moving beauty for her .

Today is her birthday , Even if there is no news , Everyone spontaneously sent her blessings and brushed the screen .

This is Faye Wong's unique charm , Live yourself as the ceiling of the entertainment industry .

Order one “ Looking at ”, Help Faye Wong :

Thank you for your song , Accompany us through the long years .

Thank you for your story , It gives us the courage and strength to be ourselves .

Happy birthday, , Our high school girls !

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