Li Yundi is 15 kg thin. Recent photos change a lot! The chin is sharp and the face is small. There is no oil in boiled vegetables

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li yundi kg thin. recent

In recent days, , Li Yundi posted a dynamic message on the social platform , Said he recently participated in a program , Thin 15 Jin , I also took a photo of myself , Attracted public attention .

In the photo , Li Yundi is wearing a blue plaid shirt , Wearing a white background and a necklace, she looks very fashionable . Thin 15 Li Yundi looks very thin after five pounds , The chin is sharp and the face is small in a big circle , The skin is white, tender and ruddy. It is perfectly maintained .

Have to say , Li Yundi has really changed a lot compared with his previous appearance . Look at Li Yundi's recent self photo , This year, 3 month , His face is still round , The chin is not as sharp and thin as it is now , This period of weight loss is very effective .

actually , Li Yundi can successfully lose weight 15 Jin , It is also proportional to his own efforts . In the near future , Li Yundi insists on running and fitness , You can run in two hours 10 km .

in addition , Li Yundi's diet is also quite light , Several plates in the photo are full of green and healthy boiled vegetables , There is no meat and greasy .

Need to know , In the first two months , Li Yundi's diet is also very greasy and spicy .6 month 12 Japan , Li Yundi dried out a bowl of noodles he ate , The hot soup with red oil is quite heavy in taste , There are only two green vegetables on the noodles .

before , When Li Yundi had dinner with the big guys after work , He also had a photo on the table , There are all kinds of delicious food in front of me , Including braised meat 、 Delicious dishes such as stir fried yellow beef and fish head with chopped pepper , And every one of these is not light .

Although Li Yundi was not very fat at that time , But with the sharp chin now V Compared with the face shape, it still has a sense of flesh , In front of delicious food, Li Yundi absolutely let go of the big meal , Very grounded .

Now , Li Yundi, who loves food, has made a lot of efforts after participating in the program , Not only do you exercise by running , Also made a lot of changes in diet , The former heavy taste has been replaced by light boiled vegetables , No wonder he was able to lose weight 15 Jin .

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