"Andy Lau's" 60 years old is a legend of the inverse growth of Hong Kong male stars

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andy lau years old legend

Although Hong Kong dramas have declined in recent years ,TVB Experienced from prosperity to decline , But the beauty of Hong Kong male artists “ Super long standby ” This matter , It always seems unshakable .

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7 month 29 Friday night , A special live broadcast attracted countless people's attention ――“ King ” Andy Lau's debut 40 Anniversary of the .1 personal 、60 year 、1 Live broadcast 、2 Hours 、1 Hundreds of millions of people watched , It shows Andy Lau's timeless top appeal . And in front of the camera “ Liu Tianwang ” The state of mind is also amazing :40 In the past , This man is still so handsome !

7 month 10 Japan ,“ King ” Jacky Cheung 60 Birthday scene , He was wearing a black sports suit with a fluorescent yellow coat , Casual clothes are full of vitality behind the body , With his short hair, he looks young .

Further forward ,6 month 2 At a Hong Kong opera fair on the th , Miao Qiaowei 、 Wu zhuoxi 、 Huang Zongze 、 Ma Guoming's joint appearance set off a heated discussion on the Internet . The average age of the four is over 45 Year old Hong Kong actor , Beauty and figure are still online .

besides , Ren Dahua 、 Tony Leung 、 Louis koo 、 Jordan Chan 、 zhang …… In the Hong Kong entertainment circle , Can do “ Not old ” There are countless people !

Although Hong Kong dramas have declined in recent years ,TVB Experienced from prosperity to decline , But the beauty of Hong Kong artists “ Super long standby ” This matter , It always seems unshakable .

Physical fitness and appearance are all online

First set off this wave “ Hongkong star maintenance ” The topic is hot , From Hong Kong Opera 《 Flying Tiger's thunder battle 》 Press conference .

As a classic police and bandit drama 《 Flying Tiger 》 Continuation of the series ,《 Flying Tiger's thunder battle 》 From the start of shooting, it has attracted the attention of many Hong Kong opera fans .

The scene , The four male stars are in great shape . Huang Zongze 、 Wu zhuoxi 、 Ma Guoming three people in the same frame , It also makes a lot of Hong Kong opera fans call “ Lacrimal ”―― Last time three people were in the same frame 2003 Year of 《 Up in the sky 》. In a flash 16 In the past , The audience who pursued the play , Some have become parents , Some have entered middle age , But time seems to be especially important to the protagonists in the play “ show mercy ”.

・2003 year , Huang Zongze 、 Ma Guoming 、 Wu zhuoxi is 《 Up in the sky 》 The stills in .

・2021 year , Three in 《 Flying Tiger's thunder battle 》 In the same box again , The state is no less than that of the year .

When attending this press conference , Wu zhuoxi 41 year , Huang Zongze 40 year , Ma Guoming 46 year , And their “ Naked eye age ” Are far younger than their actual age , Almost the same as that year , Let the former drama fans experience “ Ye Qinghui ”.

Except for the interval 16 Three people in the same frame again , What's more surprising is “ Three elder brother ” Miao Qiaowei . Born in 1958 Miao Qiaowei was over sixty at this time , It looks like it's in its 40s , It's as charming as it used to be .

・ Miao Qiaowei was in 1983 edition 《 The Legend of The Condor Heroes 》 in , The actor is handsome but competitive everywhere 、 Unscrupulous Yang Kang .

In recent years , The public's preference for watching drama has experienced from Hong Kong criminal investigation drama , To Taiwan idol drama , Then to the mysterious change of ancient costume , The advantages of Hong Kong opera are gradually diminishing , But these artists who came out of the golden age of Hong Kong Opera , These accompany “80 after 、90 after ” The familiar faces we grew up with , It's almost the same as that year , Every minute can give the audience a wave “ Memories kill ”.

before ,63 LV Liangwei went to the nursing home to see 61 Old man's video is on fire . LV Liangwei asked :“ Brother , The habit of living here ?” As a result, the uncle said :“ Young man , Thank you ”……

All these years “ Be a cook ” Nicholas Tse , Occasionally shoot a variety show . Although the rebellious boy who threw the guitar has disappeared in the long river of time , But once back in the movie , The handsome Xie came back .

7 month 30 Japan , Starring Nicholas Tse 《 Anger ・ Serious case 》 release , Once again, I received the screams of countless fans

When it comes to Hong Kong “ No old man ” I have to mention Zheng Shaoqiu .74 Year old Qiuguan , Whenever you appear in public , Are still the same “ Fragrant and handsome ” Generally elegant

Except for the body 、 Appearance and temperament , The physical fitness of Hong Kong men is also much higher than their actual age .

In the hot variety show last year 《 this ! Is the street dance 》 in ,46 Zhong Hanliang, 20, and Wang Yibo, who is more than ten or twenty years younger than him 、 Wang Jia Er 、 Zhang Yixing on the same stage battle dance

51 Year old Zheng Yijian , You can even perform at a concert “ Hang the gold hook upside down ”

“ Frozen age ” It's a kind of professional quality

Actually , It is no secret that Hong Kong artists keep young . In recent years, many Hong Kong “ Frozen age God ” They shared their secrets , To sum up, it is inseparable from three ―― motion 、 Self discipline and good attitude .

This year, 66 Year old Chow Yun Fat , Often encountered by netizens climbing mountains

・ Netizens climb the mountain and encounter Zhou Runfa ( Left ).

Look at the social platforms of Hong Kong artists , You will find that most of them love sports .

In Huang Zongze's microblog , The most common is all kinds of fitness routine . The gym must punch in every day , Climbing the mountain 、 Surfing is no problem

Ma Junwei's biggest hobbies are playing badminton and cycling , Even the microblog avatar is a selfie left in the badminton hall

In addition to taking exercise as an essential daily , These looks “ Super long standby ” Hong Kong men are also quite healthy and disciplined in their diet . Ma Junwei once posted his diet list on his microblog , The core is less salt and less sugar , Contributed to the realization of “ Inverse growth ” The secret of

career 40 Year of “ King ” Lau Andy , Also known as the secret is that their diet is very light , Often eat green vegetables 、 Fruit and hot seafood . what's more , He surpassed 30 I haven't had a cold drink in years , Just drink warm water , Both tea and coffee are drunk while hot

The same people who don't drink ice for many years , And Zheng Shaoqiu . In my career 50 At the anniversary concert ,70 Year old Zheng Shaoqiu even sang 8 Minutes without asthma . He said this was due to his special attention to the daily drinking methods ,“20 I haven't drunk ice water for many years ”

Besides , Mentality is also a magic weapon to keep young . Most Hong Kong male artists have said , Accept the fact that you are getting older , Not keen to put yourself “ Get younger ”. Their maintenance depends more on the law of life 、 Diet moderation 、 Insist to take exercise , There is even a considerable part of the reason for ―― dedicated .

The Hong Kong performing arts market is small , But there are many people , So the competition is particularly fierce . Once the TVB Artist training class , It's a place with a lot of stars , Tony Leung 、 Zhou Runfa et al , They all came out of wireless training classes . And behind this training class , Often thousands of people are competing for dozens of places .

・ The first 3 Group photo of Hong Kong Wireless artist training class .

To stand out in such competition , And long-term foothold , We have to improve our business ability in an all-round way . therefore , Hong Kong TVB The artist who came out , Not just acting skills, playing , Most of the images are online for a long time .

And the former king of heaven Superstar , Even more “ Decathlon ”, Even performing acrobatics on the stage . Relative to these skills , Image management is simply the most basic business ability .

・ Lau Andy 、 Tony Leung 、 Miao Qiaowei 、 Huang Rihua 、 Tang Zhenye performed together “ Humanoid flying car ”.

When “ Male star maintenance ” Start rolling in

Netizens on Hong Kong men's beauty “ Super long standby ” The wonder of , except “ The heart of beauty is in everyone's heart ” The feeling of , There is also a part from and � Throw the chaff card � A strong contrast between middle-aged male artists in image management .

I still remember last year 《 My sister 》 and 《 Go after the light ! brother 》 After the two programs start , The evaluation is in sharp contrast : On the one hand, no matter what age, my sister is self disciplined and hard-working , Full of self-confidence and dazzling light ; Brother brother make complaints about the other side “ 108 ways to express greasiness ”“ So ordinary but so confident ”.

Getting fat in middle age seems to be a curse that mainland male artists can't escape , Moreover, the effective time of this spell has even gradually become younger .

When � Throw the first mi ⒏S I'm going to meet you in a hurry � Handsome in sharp contrast , It's not difficult to understand why a video 、 One live broadcast will “ How well do Hong Kong men maintain ” Send it to hot search .

Of course ,� Throw the Ligularia ring ψ The moon is stupid. I'm sorry �

66 Chen Daoming, a year old , Walking with wind , Detached temperament , The graceful demeanor is not inferior to that of Hong Kong men , Acting is a model for many young actors to learn . It's on the air 《 Golden years 》 in , Chen Daoming plays “ Hegemon ” Ye Jinyan , Thanks to the actor's own charm and acting skills , Capture many fans .

・ Chen Daoming is in 《 Golden years 》 As the graceful Ye Jinyan .

It was broadcast some time ago 《 Rebel 》 in ,43 Year old Wang Yang also relies on “ Drag without oil ” The role of Chen moqun has been widely praised . Previous 《 You are my fortress 》 in , Shao Yuhan, director of Neurosurgery performed by Wang Yang, has a steady responsibility for external cold and internal heat , The love line with male master sister Xing Keyao is even more direct :“ This is adult love , Middle aged idol drama needs you !”

Actors can maintain good body and mental state at work , Nature is inseparable from the self-discipline life outside the play .

《 Rebel 》 Zhu Zhu, another star, once broke the news , When Wang Yang was filming, he spent hours in the gym every day , Besides filming, life is very regular .

・ Wang Yang is 《 Rebel 》 Li plays the domineering Chen moqun .

In recent years , With the continuous appearance of big bellied but hard concave charming actors on the screen , About “ Whether internal entertainment is too tolerant of male artists ” More and more discussions .

Actually , When everyone sighs “ How well do Hong Kong men maintain ” when , Not just amazed at them “ Frozen age ” Your appearance , There is also a sincere admiration for their decades of self-discipline and dedication . What the audience expected , But the actor's shape can meet the role setting , Instead of forcing the so-called “ Cosmetic acting ” To cover up the lack of basic professional quality .

In matters like personal care and self-discipline , It's time for entertainment male stars “ volume ” up !

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