Ni Ni ushered in her 33rd birthday. The studio generously exposed beautiful photos and interacted with each other. It's really unique

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ni ni ushered 33rd rd

Hi, This is a ride ,

A focus on dressing , Exclusive to your beautiful fashion talent !

1988 Ni Ni, who was born in, has also 33 year 了 , Graduated from Communication University of China, she is not a professional actress , Being an actor is also an unexpected life opportunity .

At that time, Zhang Yimou was 《 Jinling thirteen hairpins 》 Angle selection , Ni Ni unexpectedly became the heroine . and Ni Ni And it's worthy of expectation , Not just fame , And with “ Jade ink ” Your role has won many awards , At that time, Ni Ni became popular overnight , Became the most eye-catching star of the year . Then Ni Ni and Angelababy, Yang Mi and Liu Shishi were rated as “ Four little flowers ”, For a while, the scenery was limitless .

Tips: Ni Ni's Birthday Photo

8 month 8 The day of the birthday , Ni Ni also shared on the social platform Birthday photos , Ni Ni in the photo is almost plain , Holding a cake and making a wish .

There are also happy interactive moments during birthdays , Good friends Baby Shared a group photo , And publish :“ baby , Happy birthday, , I miss you! ! May you be happy every day !”.

Baby The friendship with Ni Ni is really enviable , Because I made a film , From strangers to good friends , and baby It's more continuous 8 Celebrate Ni Ni's birthday in , Never absent during eight years , Friendship is enviable .

Although the words of blessing are very simple , But the feeling is deeper , No one has been online on time for eight years , Bless the friendship between the two little sisters .

The scene of the birthday event , Ni Ni also fully shows her ghost horse face , Not only sell cute, but also keep , And played an instrument , Very lively .

Although Ni Ni is The cold wind My beauty , But selling cute doesn't feel at all against peace , It's funny to hold your face Yes, she is a bit naive , It looks very pink . The decoration of cartoon birthday glasses is also playful and lovely , Make every picture full of laughter .

Although born in Nanjing , But Ni Ni has a tall figure ,170 Cm tall Let her occupy the sense of fashion , Has a place in the fashion circle .

And Ni Ni's temperament is really special , It's the kind you can wear anyway High fashion sense , So many fashion brands favor Ni Ni .

This time Ni Ni chose a very simple collocation , a Extremely simple t shirt , Almost no embellishment . And the matching shorts are also very loose , It looks like the pajamas you're wearing at home , But Ni Ni is very fashionable , It's really enviable .

Ni Ni's temperament can't be imitated , But some collocations of Ni Ni are worth learning from , Please look at the following sets .

Tips: Ni Ni private server tutorial

It has arrived The beginning of autumn 了 , In other words, summer will slowly pass , We will have a cool autumn . In the crisp autumn weather , All kinds of coats are indispensable , Whether you are in the north or in the South , Coats are the guarantee of improving temperament .

Don't look at the atmosphere, there is no pattern , Because of this simplicity , To show Temperament , Wearing the upper body is a very temperament feeling , Even Ni Ni's tall figure , You can also wear an aura .

Ni Ni's temperament can be said to be unique , The figure is also very enviable . But the wearing style is not entirely determined by the teacher's appearance , After all, collocation is the key , As long as you match it properly , Then there is also the possibility of counter attack .

When Ni Ni chose a single product , Prefer simple design , Especially on heavy items like coats , Ni Ni's choice is more classic , It's a timeless classic ., We can choose Khaki like Ni Ni , Very classic atmosphere , And it's perfect anyway , Never make a mistake .

A well cut three-dimensional version , Very stylish . A neat cut , It shows Ni Ni's straight temperament , Big back is really handsome , Exquisite makeup can't change the fashion charm , It's so cool , It's like bending people . Extremely eye-catching white inside , It's more charming with a black coat , That's how simple the design is , Plus Cool Accessories , You can amaze the four without embellishment .

I'm Hita , If you are confused , You can confide in me , Please leave a message to discuss ! Follow suit and learn to wear , We become better and more beautiful people together !

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