The famous singer's official announcement of breaking up with the woman just showed her love ten days ago, and once cooperated with Wu Yifan

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famous singer official announcement breaking

8 month 8 It's a magical day , It was Tong Liya 、 Zhang Yuqi 、 Ni Ni's birthday , The three goddesses also had a dream , Send blessings to each other in the form of homophonic stem , It is also the birthday of Wang Baoqiang's ex-wife Ma Rong , She rarely took a beautiful photo of herself on her personal social platform , Send a message to encourage yourself , It has also been widely concerned by netizens .

And that afternoon ,《 Chinese new rap 》2019 Annual champion Yang Hesu also posted on his personal social platform , Guan announced that he broke up with his girlfriend Zhang Xinyue :“ Peaceful breakup , Bless each other . I will not reply to this matter in the future . Have a nice weekend ”, He continued to leave messages in the comment area :“ Sending a document is to give an explanation and an end to this relationship , Inadvertently hot search and marketing . I hope you are rational , And stop malicious Marketing , We don't need this heat , thank you .”

A quarter of an hour before he sent the document , Zhang Xinyue, also a singer, also sent out the same copy , Confirmed the news that the two had broken up , At that time, it also made people feel special regret , Many people also left messages to comfort .

It is reported that , Yang and Su and Zhang Xinyue had known each other before their debut , And formed “ Low key combination ”, And we've worked together 《 Dating king Tuai 》、《 End, start 》、《 Half centimeter 》 And other familiar hip-hop songs , Won the love of many netizens . In private, they naturally came together , Really achieve the state of love and work .

Yang and Su after winning the championship , Also cooperate with Wu Yifan 《 First priority 》, Performed the song with Zhang Jie 《 Don't pester me 》, It's really the future , And he also sticks to Zhang Xinyue , I can see that he is a man who values love and righteousness .

But there will inevitably be noise when two people are together , This is not the first time they said they broke up . stay 7 month 28 Japan , Yang and Su held a birthday party in Tianjin , His parents were also sitting under the stage , Zhang Xinyue appeared as a mysterious guest , They also hug each other on the stage , The man also took the opportunity to confess , It makes people feel special sweet love .

I didn't expect to be separated now 10 God , But they still ended up breaking up , This also makes people feel special regret . But anyway , Still respect their choice , I wish they can continue to cooperate in the future , Bring us more wonderful works , I believe everyone will still support and love them !

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