All the way“ "Xie Dajiao" Yu Yuexian died in a car accident. He was only 50 years old and had no children all his life

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way xie dajiao yu yuexian

8 month 9 Number , According to the “ Cover message ” call , I was in 《 Rural love 》 In the series “ Thank you ” Yu Yuexian died unfortunately . The specific reason and time of death is ,8 month 9 Unfortunately, there was an accident when filming in Alxa, Inner Mongolia on the th , He was declared dead because of his serious injury .

When the news came out , The first reaction of netizens is whether this is true ? Yu Yuexian is still so young , Impermanence, , And cherish it . I believe the moment Yu Yuexian died , Many netizens are remembering her classic role “ Thank you ”, She has a strong relationship with Zhao Benshan , As early as 02 He has already made his debut performance in .

Then the media contacted Yu Yuexian's brother , Liu Shuangping, art director of Benshan media, helped Yu Yingjie , He expressed , Just learned the sad news . But the specific situation is not very clear , He and two elder sisters are rushing to the accident site to deal with it .

It's like the feeling of passing away . As early as a few days ago , Yu Yuexian also posted a video of picking mushrooms on the grassland on the social network , At that time, she was jumping like a little girl , It's lovely , Just five days apart , Just die , It's sad , Sorry , It's impossible to describe .

“ Picking mushrooms ” My little girl always has a kind heart , We have also started activities to help agriculture , All this seems to have happened yesterday , But Yu Yuexian is gone .

Yu Yuexian's life is not easy , As a family “ Top beam column ”, She came out early , To save my brother , Despite the opposition of the family , While working , While going to school . After overcoming many difficulties , Finally cured my brother's illness .

With the help of my sister , My brother grew up all the way , And have a happy family and life .

Many people think Yu Yuexian is just a “ Buffet ” My landlady , It's not , She was 《 Later biography of journey to the West 》 As in “ Chen Wuzhen ” Is a real and classical beauty . It's just that later, the role was qualitative , Many people think she is “ Thank you ”.

in addition , Yu Yuexian is also Zhao Benshan's sister-in-law , However, Yu Yuexian's success does not depend on her brother-in-law , It's really hard work , For a good play , She gained weight 20 Many jins .

Although already married , But because I'm busy with my career , Yu Yuexian has no children so far . Now there is a sudden news of death , It's really sad , All the way walk good , May there be no car accident on the other side of the world .

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