Hong Kong sister party, sea yacht, champagne! Champion Zhu Chenli is the most eye-catching. Her skin is one degree whiter than others

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hong kong sister party sea

In recent days, ,2011 Zhu Chenli, the champion of Miss Hong Kong, and Xu Zhiying, the third runner up, take photos on their personal social platform , Record 2011 The 10th Anniversary Party of Miss Hong Kong finalist in the Miss Hong Kong finals .

In the photo , Hong Kong sisters are wearing exquisite makeup , Wearing a small dress , Hold the champagne in your hand , Face the camera with a bright smile , Everyone was very happy about Miss Hong Kong's ten-year party .

besides , The Hong Kong sisters also changed into swimsuits , Sitting on the deck of the yacht , Playing with the sea breeze , A good figure shows . Like a Hong Kong sister in a blue suspender swimsuit , Have a healthy wheat complexion , Smooth skin , The figure is plump and the curve is concave and convex . And Zhu Chenli stood behind her in an orange swimsuit , The facial features are exquisite and eye-catching .

There were a total of... Hong Kong sisters who entered the finals that year 15 position , Because some Hong Kong sisters work in other places , Only came to the party 7 Hong Kong sister . In the photo , existing 5 After the Miss Hong Kong final , Slowly left the entertainment industry , Now she has married and given birth to children , Their looks have changed a lot from when they ran for Miss Hong Kong .

Zhu Chenli, who won the Hong Kong sister competition in that year, has not changed much . Compared with other Hong Kong sisters , She is slim , The skin is whiter than before , Compared with other Hong Kong sisters, it is a degree whiter . Ten years later , Zhu Chenli's body faded green , More mature .

Zhu chenlizi 2011 After winning the championship of Miss Hong Kong in, she entered TVB Become an actor , She has appeared in many movies and TV dramas , The most popular time , Also with the film Emperor Wu Zhenyu and other TVB Big guys play opposite plays together . In recent years , With her persistence, Zhu Chenli has become TVB A thread of flowers , The stars are shining .

Over time , The past has long been a memory , The Hong Kong sisters get together again , It seems that we have returned to the starry stage , They are still a group of vibrant Miss Hong Kong .

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