From 15 to 34, is her face "walking backwards"?

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face walking backwards

so far , When it comes to fairy sister , The first thing many people think of is still Liu Yifei .

After all, even without talking about acting , On beauty , She is also the actress with the highest aesthetic unity .

You could even say , Liu Yifei itself is an adjective .

Recently starring her and Chen Xiao 《 Menghua record 》 The stills let us face control ,

Dream back to Liu Yifei's early costume era !

This beauty , It's from 15 The age is beautiful 34 year , What's her face value “ Go backwards ” Yes, I don't know ?

You could even say , Liu Yifei's side face is almost 85 The best of the flowers .

So Liu Yifei's beauty secret is really “ God gives food ” Do you ?

Certainly , But it is still inseparable from the maintenance of external forces .

So today is to appreciate sissy's beauty at the same time ,

Let's talk about it from the facial Department , Liu Yifei “ Go backwards ” Of “ Beautiful password ”.

Today's content will focus on the following points :

The source of Liu Yifei's sense of classicality and how ordinary people learn from it .

Liu Yifei's “ Immortal Qi ” How traits are formed , How will ordinary people learn .

One 、 The source of Liu Yifei's classical sense

First, let's take a look at Liu Yifei's face , Although the front face is not as amazing as the side , But also beautiful .

There's no need to say more about her superior head shape , Plus the raised hair temples in ancient clothes ,

What's more striking about her is that the sideburns and hairline are still beautiful ,

And the height and length of the forehead are in place , The overall proportion is beautiful .

Liu Yifei's classical sense comes from her eyebrows and eyes , Eyes fly and restrain ,

The feeling is strong and pure , Oriental convergence and deep love ,

People can't help being intoxicated by her beauty .

When she was a teenager, her soft tissue was too full ,

Meat face with classical eyebrows and eyes , More girly gestures .

Now she 34 year , Soft tissue is inevitably lost ,

But it also makes her bone more obvious , On the contrary, it has a different temperament .

And her big outline still hasn't changed , Facial features are still classical and exquisite .

So her side shot is still so exquisite ,

Especially the side lines , Her hump and beautiful bones can still support her ,

That amazing beauty .

How can ordinary people learn from it ?

According to the above classical characteristics of Liu Yifei, we can know ,

Her classical sense focuses on her eyebrows and eyes , So if ordinary girls want to pursue classicality ,

What we have to do is “ Improve eye makeup ” A sense of atmosphere ,

Borrow brown or lighter eyeliner or eyebrow pencil ,

Pull up the line at the end of the eye , Reach an eyebrow and eyes fly ,

The classical effect of seductive eyes like silk .

Pay more attention to the eyes , Lower your eyes properly ,

Let the whole eye form show a sense of flying from bottom to top .

And try to draw a more natural lying silkworm for yourself ,

Also try to choose a more natural beautiful pupil , Black eyes are the most classical color system ,

It's also appropriate to use sequins. Don't go too far , To achieve the effect of classical eye makeup .

Two 、 Liu Yifei's “ Immortal Qi ” How traits are formed

Liu Yifei's immortality , In fact, it has something to do with her early meat and bone .

Such as early and late , She has a proud hump to support her aura ,

Whether her bone appearance is prominent in the later stage or her soft tissue is full in the early stage ,

It's all for her “ Immortal Qi ” Laid the foundation .

But on the whole , Liu Yifei's skin is also a key point .

Through her and Lin Yun 、 Liu Yan's group photo can also see ,

Her complexion is very superior , Belongs to white and transparent ,

Even older than Lin Yun , Looks like people of the same age .

So the skin can “ Hide your age ” A major feature of .

So how will ordinary people learn ?

First , Pay attention to the whiteness of the skin , It's not just the need to “ Avoid light ” So simple ,

Instead, we need to maintain the luster and health of the skin .

Only healthy skin can ensure that the skin is white and shiny .

So we can add VC, You can also choose VC Kind of skin care products .

On the basis of white, we should also pay attention to diet ,

Maintain green leafy vegetables and proper fruit intake ,

A balanced diet can be based on health , Make your skin more transparent .

After all, not everyone is like Liu Yifei , Born to be so slim and moving .

So beauty may only need some outstanding characteristics ,

Can achieve unattainable beauty .

So as an ordinary girl , We should not be lazy .

While enjoying the beautiful sissy's beauty ,

Try to make yourself beautiful !

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