Ke Zhendong ran to the United States to avoid the epidemic and issued a document saying: it's so painful

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ke zhendong ran united states

According to Taiwan media , Taiwan is ravaged by the epidemic , Experience self disciplined 2 After more than months of level 3 alert , Now it has finally been effectively alleviated , People's lives have been slightly relaxed , But we still have to wait for the vaccination to be really reassured .

before , In order to avoid the epidemic, Ke Zhendong, a male star who took his family to the United States in a low-key way , In the face of the ridicule of netizens, they also fight back , What's unexpected is that ,8 month 7 RI Ke Zhendong suddenly on the social platform IG Publish an all black photo , Disclosure “ What a pain ”, The picture was deleted in seconds , Let fans worry .

During the three-level alert in Taiwan , All walks of life have a certain degree of influence , The show business is no exception , Taiwan male star Ke Zhendong also lives at home for epidemic prevention , More free time , He was able to broadcast live almost every day , Chat with friends in the circle , All kinds of taboos have triggered many discussions among netizens , It also makes him popular in Taiwan .

but 1 Months ago , He suddenly announced in the live broadcast that he was going to travel , Then he was found taking his family to Los Angeles for a low-key trip . Ke Zhendong went to the United States at that time , When asked by Taiwan netizens , It means that you may be in the local ( The United States ) vaccinate , Therefore, it has aroused netizens' discussion , He also specially broadcast , Explain that this flight is mainly because I haven't been able to travel with my family for a long time , As for the vaccination , It's just a response and consideration , He admitted that he was definitely not in line at his age , And mom has a chronic disease , We need to be more active and careful about epidemic prevention , Ke Zhendong said more bluntly : What if I want to fight ? I don't occupy any resources in Taiwan !、 If I call back to Taiwan , Isn't it a safer person ?, Ke Zhendong responded that netizens refused to be scolded .

According to Taiwan media , Now the Ke Zhendong family has returned to Taiwan , Being quarantined in the hotel , Today, (8 month 8 Japan ) It happened that he made his debut 10 The anniversary of , What's unexpected is that , This morning, Ke Zhendong was IG Issue time limited dynamic , It's all black , And write down : What a pain …, Plus after he returned to Taiwan , Not as often as before , Become very low-key , Not long ago, I released a photo of wiping nosebleed toilet paper , So it makes Taiwan fans quite worried , Ask him “ What's up? ?”,

《ETtoday Starlight cloud 》 reports , The agent has responded , Said Ke Zhendong just adjusted jet lag, resulting in lack of sleep , Please rest assured .

Ke Zhendong has acted in movies 《 In those years , The girl we chased together 》, Widely recognized , It has also developed well in mainland China , But because it is 2014 He was arrested for taking drugs with Jaycee chan , Since then, it has been banned by the Mainland , Turn back to Taiwan for development .

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